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Zero Optima (ゼロオプティマ Zero Oputima) is a keyword ability that was introduced in Starter Deck Vol.7 and Booster 13: Wind of Change.

Zero Optima is written as "Zero Optima X [Text]" in the card text, where X is a numerical value greater than 0. This ability counts the number of cards with Ignition Icon in the Resource, and if the number is equal to or greater than X, allow the player to use the ability written on the [Text] portion.

Prior to July 2020 rule update, Zero Optima is treated as a classification of ability similar to startup, automatic, and continuous ability instead of a keyword ability.

The current reminder text of Zero Optima is shown below:

【ZO】 ゼロオプティマX(あなたのリソースに を持つカードがX枚以上あると有効。)

【ZO】 Zero Optima X (Available if there are X or more cards with Ignition Icon in your Resource.)

For the list of all cards with Zero Optima ability, see Category:Zero Optima.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

Zero Optima is the ability that activated by the Blue Dragon Miko, Yui's desire of innovation to "optimize the world". By implementing an overwhelming parallel calculation using the power of dragon, it aims for complete elimination of the irregulars. The accuracy of Zero Optima shows an exponential rise by increasing the dragon power that is being used.

Similar to Evol Seed and Alter Force, it also has an influence on the other worlds and their Miko through the Card Device. Moreover, its compatibility with the Card Device is extremely high compared to ability manifested from the other Dragon Miko's wishes. As a result, Zero Optima that was created to eliminate the irregulars, contains a contradiction by being an irregularity itself.

As of now, Schuster is unable to grasp Zero Optima.

Comprehensive Rules

1108 Zero Optima

  • 1108.1 Zero Optima ability is an ability with continuing effect that becomes available if the card with the ability meet a specific requirement.
  • 1108.1a Parameter obtained by the ability itself cannot be referred to meet the requirement for Zero Optima ability.
  • 1108.1b If there are 2 or more related interdependent effects to meet the requirement for Zero Optima ability, they are applied in order starting from the earliest reference time point (811.3a).
  • 1108.2 Zero Optima ability is written in the form of " 【ZO】 Zero Optima [number] [Text] ". This ability will cause "While there are [number] or more cards with Ignition Icon in the Resource of the controller of this card, the ability shown in the [Text] becomes available." continuing effect to occur.
  • 1108.3 Zero Optima ability is available (803) regardless of card type and which zone it's currently present. However, the ability shown in the [Text] of Zero Optima ability only becomes available (803.1) if it met its specific requirements.

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