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Z/Xtend Drive! (ゼクステンド・ドライブ! Zekusutendo Doraibu!) is a keyword ability that can only played once per game by each player.

Z/Xtend Drive! ability is currently only possessed by App Rare and Revolution Rare cards. Similar to Zero Optima and Level ability, Z/Xtend Drive! is written as "Z/Xtend Drive! [Text]" in the card text, with the [Text] part containing another ability which is performed by the player when they play the Z/Xtend Drive! ability.

The current reminder text of Z/Xtend Drive! ability is shown below:


Z/Xtend Drive! (You can only play "Z/Xtend Drive!" once per game.)

For the list of all cards with Z/Xtend Drive! ability, see Category:Z/Xtend Drive!.

Comprehensive Rules

1112 Z/Xtend Drive!

  • 1112.1 Z/Xtend Drive! ability is an ability that can only be played once during a game.
  • 1112.2 Z/Xtend Drive! ability is written in the form of " Z/Xtend Drive! [Text] ". If you haven't played the Z/Xtend Drive! ability of a card you control during this game, you can play the ability shown in the [Text] of this ability.
  • 1112.3 Z/Xtend Drive! ability is available (803) regardless of card type and which zone it's currently present. However, the ability shown in the [Text] of Z/Xtend Drive! ability only becomes available (803.1) if it met its specific requirements.