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Promotional Pack Vol.17 was to be given as participation prize and door prize (Hologram Rare) in Z/Xsta event during May and June 2020.

Since all Z/Xsta event from April 8th until June 2020 are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pack will be distributed after the event resumed instead. It is currently distributed from July 15th until August 31st.

P32-017 "Quickening of Rebirth" is identical in appearance on both the general participation prize pack and the door prize pack, and only appear in small quantity on both packs.

Card List

Color Number Name Type
Red P32-014 Lightblade Craftsman, Saber Z/X
Blue P32-015 Kylie Shaddow, Thyone Z/X
White P32-016 Radiant Saint of Blooming Flowers, Fleur Z/X
Red P32-017 Quickening of Rebirth Event

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