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Z/Xsta (ゼクスタ Zekusuta) or "Z/X Studium" is a series of tournament event for Z/X that held in various endorsed card shops in Japan. It is the replacement for Z/X official tournament.

The event is held up to 4 times each month in one shop with the emphasis on casual environment (i.e. some place might allow deck replacement between match). The match are randomly determined with a total of 3 match per event.

Promotional Packs

Instead of a single promotional card, promotional packs containing single card from a fixed pool of cards are given as participation price in Z/Xsta event. An additional pack containing Hologram Rare card is also given as the door prize.

The promotional packs are changed every several months (currently every two months) and usually consists of a mix of new cards and reprint of existing cards. Starting from Vol.5, a special reprint with new artwork and Hologram Rare treatment is also inserted in a small quantity on the packs.

Additional Prize

In addition to the promotional packs, additional prize were also distributed in Z/Xsta event during certain period. The Rebuild Dragon Pack were given out between 21 July to 31 August 2017.

Color Number Name Type Period
Black P24-023 Prelude to Collapse Event April 2018
Colorless P28-030 Urara Yato Player July 2019

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