Z/X School (ゼクス学園 Zekusu Gakuen) is a 4-koma web manga series created by Saisou and published irregularly in Z/X official site.

The manga is a what-if story, depicting various Z/X characters living in peaceful school live.


High School

  • Asuka-kun - Transfer student and the main character.
  • Ayase-chan - Committee chairman of the high school.
  • Chitose-chan - High school student.
  • Mikado-kun - The super genius high school student.
  • Soma-kun - High school student and a lone wolf. Member of the breeding committee.
  • Misaki-chan - High school student and the school idol.

Middle School

  • Azumi-chan - Middle school student with weak constitution.
  • Nanao-chan - Returnee kunoichi.
  • Sakura-chan - Committee chairman of the middle school and Yachiyo-chan's twin.
  • Yachiyo-chan - Sakura-chan's twin and the older of the twins.
  • Nina-chan - Russian girl with Argentine nationality.
  • Shana-kun - Male student that able to use the girl's locker room.

Elementary School

  • Sera-chan - Violent, yet naive, elementary school student.
  • Kasuga-chan - Mikado-kun's younger sister.
  • Honome-chan - Genius transfer student that consider herself as Mikado-kun's rival.
  • Reia-kun - Committee chairman of the elementary school.
  • Suguru-kun - Solitary elementary school student.
  • Kisara-chan - Z/X School youngest student.


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