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Z/X Point (ゼクスポイント Zekusu Pointo) is a ticket included in sealed Z/X related products like booster packs, starter decks, or card supplies. A certain amount of them can be exchanged for a set of promotional cards via Point Campaign.

Z/X Points comes in three variants: 1P, 3P, and 5P. In addition, there is also exist special 100P ticket which is harder to get than the normal variant. From Set 13 onwards, the 100P ticket is now named "Congratulations!!" and worth 150 points.

Distribution of Z/X Points in all Z/X related products are discontinued from Set 24 onwards. After the Point Campaign system were restarted in Set 32, Z/X Points are now exclusively distributed inside sealed cartons of Z/X booster boxes with each of them worth 100 points.

Animation Campaign 2 Exchange Ticket

Initial batches of Booster 6: Maiden of the Five Dragon Gods may contain a special exchange ticket (引換券) instead of regular point. This ticket can be exchanged via "Animation Campaign 2" for a set of card supplies during a limited period.

After the exchange period is over, this ticket is now treated as 100P ticket and can be used as such.

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