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Z/X NF Drama CD 3 - SotuMisa Broadcasting Station R (ソトゥミサ放送局 R Sotumisa Hōsōkyoku R) is the third of Z/X drama CD series. It was first released in Akihabara Z/X Stream 2015 Spring event on 22 February 2015.

The drama part is based on the popular spin off project, "SotuMisa Broadcasting Station", with Honome Chogasaki and her Partner Z/X, Kalavinka as the special guests.

Track Listing

  1. SotuMisa Broadcasting Station R (drama part)
  2. Keeping the Faith
Song: Honome & Kalavinka


Promotional Cards

The CD contains the following promotional cards.

Color Number Card Name Type Rarity Quantity Notes
Icon Red.png P11-026 Listen to My Speech! Event PR 2

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