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In addition to all of its regular contents, the limited edition of the third volume of Z/X Code reunion manga also comes with a special 68-cards preconstructed deck themed around Azumi Kagamihara and Rigel.

Similar to the previous deck, this deck contains additional copy of the manga promotional card, "For My Dearest Friends", as well as reprints of several sought-after "Rigel" cards. The reprints also includes various cards with new mechanic such as Gate Card, Idealize, and Shift.

Card List

Color Number Name Type Quantity Notes
Blue CS02-001 Azumi Kagamihara Player 1
Blue CS02-002 Protecting to the End, Rigel Z/X 4
Blue CS02-003 Blue Observer, Rigel Z/X 1
Blue CS02-004 Ocean Dress, Rigel Z/X 4
Blue CS02-005 Come into Battle, Rigel Z/X 4
Blue CS02-006 Fraga Machina, Rigel Z/X 4
Blue CS02-007 Branded Sword, Al Dhanab Z/X 4
Blue CS02-008 Fall into Crisis, Rigel Z/X 4
Blue CS02-009 Going on Offensive, Rigel Z/X 4
Blue CS02-010 Oath of Star Princess, Rigel Z/X 4
Blue CS02-011 Alpha Nova, Rigel Z/X 2
Blue CS02-012 Sword Sniper, Rigel Z/X 2
Blue CS02-013 Sword Liberator, Rigel Z/X 3
Blue CS02-014 Friendship-Protecting Gunpoint, Rigel Z/X 2
Blue CS02-015 Open, Gate of Promise Event 4
Blue CS02-016 Rigel★Christmas Event 4
Blue CS02-017 Idea of Promise, Rigel Z/X EX 1
Colorless CS02-018 Instructor of Rank E, Ira Z/X EX 2
Blue CS02-019 "Overshift - The Lovers" Azumi Shift 1
Colorless P34-006 For My Dearest Friends Shift 1
Blue CS02-020 Key of Star Princess, Azumi Kagamihara Z/X OB 2 Upper Part
Blue CS02-021 Key of Star Princess, Azumi Kagamihara Z/X OB 1 Lower Part
Colorless CS02-022 Dream Key Marker 6

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