Z/X Code reunion is a manga series based on the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG. It was created by Takuya Fujima, with story by Tatsuhiko Urahata and supervision from Broccoli.

It began serialization on the November 2017 issue of V Jump magazine. As of November 2019, it has been collected into 2 tankōbon volume.


The story is set in the future where humanity and the Z/X has entered a treaty and headed towards moment of peace. Azumi Kagamihara—a girl affiliated with the Blue World—is chosen together with her Partner Z/X Rigel to enroll in Fujimisaki Academy, a school established to gather girls that was partnered with Z/X from all over Japan.


ZX Code Reunion

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Vol. Cover Release date Information
ZX Code reunion Vol 01
4 October 2018
  • Title
    • "A New Encounter!" (「(あら)たなる邂逅(かいこう)!」 "Aratanaru Kaikō!")
  • ISBN
    • 978-4-08-881521-3 (Regular Edition)
    • 978-4-08-908332-1 (Special Edition)
  • Chapters
    • Code 1 ~ Code 10
ZX Code reunion Vol 02
1 November 2019
  • Title
    • "E-Class's Desperate Struggle!" (「E組(イーぐみ)死闘(しとう)!」 "Ī Gumi no Shitō!")
  • ISBN
    • 978-4-08-882116-0 (Regular Edition)
    • 978-4-08-908372-7 (Special Edition)
  • Chapters
    • Code 11 ~ Code 21


Anime adaptation of Z/X Code reunion by Passione is aired from October 2019. The opening theme for the anime is "Destiny" by Yui Ogura while the ending theme is "Girl Meets Girl" (ガール・ミーツ・ガール Gāru Mītsu Gāru) by Yui Ogura and Aya Uchida.


Similar to the manga, each Z/X Code reunion episodes are called "Code".

Screenshot No. Title Original air date
1 To the School Where Cherry Blossom Dance 8 October 2019
2 Drive Shaft Ignition! 15 October 2019
3 The E Mark 22 October 2019
4 Protectors and the Protected 29 October 2019
5 Overboost 5 November 2019

Blu-ray Box

No. Image Release date Information
1 4 February 2020
  • Catalog Number
    • BIXA-9121
  • Episodes
    • Code 01 ~ Code 06 (approx. 138 minutes)
2 2 April 2020
  • Catalog Number
    • BIXA-9122
  • Episodes
    • Code 07 ~ Code 12 (approx. 138 minutes)

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