Z/X - Crusade of the Absolute Boundary (Z/X(ゼクス) 絶界(ぜっかい)聖戦(クルセイド) Z/X Zekkai no Crusade) is a game from Nippon Ichi Software.


  • Release Date: May 23, 2013
  • Platform: PlayStation 3
  • Genre: Card Battle RPG
  • CERO Rating: B (ages 12 and up)


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  • Kaga Kaede (加賀楓 Kaga Kaede) - Illegal device merchant and Z/X hunter from Japan. Partnered with Skull Vicious.
  • Natalya Cambiasso (ナタリア・カンビアッソ Nataria Kanbiasso) - NPO personnel and daughter of a mafia family from Argentina. Partnered with Lhotse.
  • Steve Sibaya (スティーブ・シバヤ Sutību Shibaya) - Researcher from the Republic of South Africa. Partnered with Isis.
  • Cécile Royal (セシル・ロワイヤル Seshiru Rowaiyaru) - Journalist from France. Partnered with Mouflon.
  • Quinn Forsyth (クイン・フォーサイス Kuin Fōsaisu) - Marine Corps member from the United States of America. Partnered with Shaula.


  • Chloe (クロエ Kuroe) - Mysterious Z/X user that appear before the protagonists.


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Promotional Cards

Color Number Card Name Type Rarity Quantity Notes
Icon Blue P04-021 Asagi Go Fight! Z/X PR 2 Initial production only
Icon Blue P04-022 Asagi Metamorphose Player PR 1 Pre-order bonus
Icon Blue P04-023 Azumi Kagamihara (Asagi Cosplay Version) Player PR 1 Initial production only
Icon Black P04-024 Ayase Kamiyugi (Asagi Cosplay Version) Player PR 1 Initial production only

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