Translation Progress

  • Prologue (Done)
  • Character Bio & Information (?/?)
  • Episode of Encounter (0/5)
  • Z/X Encyclopedia (Done)
  • Heroic Saga (Story: 5/? - Report: 0/?)
  • Heroic Road (Story & Report: 0/3)
  • Sotwuko's Room (0/13)
  • SotuMisa Broadcasting Station (0/74)
  • Wyvern's Notes (0/1)
  • Honome Chogasaki Cho Chemical Clinic (0/?)
  • Booster Packs & Starter Decks Stories (0/?)


  • Character bio & information includes the information provided in the character page, XXX's Road page, and encyclopedia entry (if any).
  • Several parts of the Prologue and Wyvern's Notes has been translated by NeoArkadia from NAC forum. Further translation is still pending.


  • Create pages for various events and stuff, especially the one with promotional cards.
  • Expand the gameplay section, includes translating most of the Comprehensive Rules.
  • Expand the anime and manga section.
    • Create epiode listing and volume/chapter listing respectively, complete with synopsis for each episodes/chapters.
    • Add anime and manga bio for each characters in their respective pages.
  • Z/X - Crusade of the Absolute Boundary.

Card Data

  • Update all old sample images (240px wide) with the newest one (260px wide).
  • Update all phonetic reading with modified Hepburn according to the Manual of Style.
  • Reorganize the set lists, includes separating each cards promotional release.
  • Redirect every set numbers (e.g. B01-001) to the respective card pages.
  • Add English translation for all Flavor text.
  • Create Gallery page for all cards.

Other Stuff

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