General guidelines for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- Wiki.

Translation and Romanization

American English is used as default, while British English and/or other accents may occasionally be used on Flavor text Modified Hepburn is used for Japanese romanization and phonetic reading.

Most of the translation are done by card-per-card basis and might be revised over time. Official translation and/or transliteration provided by Broccoli and Nippon Ichi Software should be used if available. The official translation itself might be varied or differ from sources to sources. In that case, either the most recent translation or the one provided directly from major source (e.g. official site) will be used in here.

If you are unsure about a card name and/or text translation, or if a translation contradicts the others, please let us know by contacting the administrators or create a discussion about it in the Forum.

Card Image Policy

Main article: Project:Image Policy

Generally, all images should be categorized accordingly and have its source stated in the description. For images obtained from sources such as the official sites, please add the {{Fairuse}} license on the description.

Date Format

See also: Wikipedia: Date format by country

Both the Month-Date-Year and Date-Month-Year format is acceptable, although the later is more preferred, especially on the card text. Year-Month-Date format may occasionally be used in the original Japanese text.

Sets and event pages exclusively uses Date-Month-Year format in the infobox, complete with three-letter abbreviation for the day of the week in parentheses.

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