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Yog-Sothoth (ヨグ・ソティス Yogu Sotisu, "Yog-Sotis") is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

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The one who born from the nameless mist.

"05 February 2021" addition

A girl with childish appearance that acts faithfully under the second-ranked princess of Cthulhu royal family, Yathura (Urara Yato). She doesn't possess nor understand human emotions, and always maintain an extremely businesslike behavior. As a result, she often draw the ire of her opponent. Due to her special ability to connect separated spaces, she is able to teleport herself and summon materials.

She went to Energeia alone to search for the missing first-ranked princess, Utica (Yutaka Tenryu). Since Cthulhu need a human medium to manifest in Energeia, she possessed Toneri Marjorie, the daughter of Iriuda Orondo. Eventually, she returned Toneri's body in accordance to the deal she made with Iriuda, but Toneri herself didn't wake up after several years passed without her soul.

She invited the 2nd group of collaborator from Energeia (Azumi Kagamihara, Misaki Yuzuriha, Iriuda Orondo) to the Dreamworld, only giving them the minimum explanation before leaving. She later went back to invite the 4th group (Chitose Aoba, Kisara Domeki, Shana Sakurakoji) in lieu of Nyarlathotep who has abandoned her mission.


Yog-Sothoth is the name of an Outer God in the Cthulhu Mythos.

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