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This article is about the character. For the Player card, see Yith (card). For the Marker, see Yith (Marker).

Yith (イース Īsu) is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

The "Yith" name is also used as Tribe for cards that depicts said character. For the list of all cards under this Tribe, see Category:Yith.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

One of the executives under the command of Sol. She serves Sol as maid, and follows around Löwe Ende who acts like her senior. She once served Hastur, and also accompanied her when she destroyed the old gods.

She was one of the humans whose body was dominated by Cthulhu, and "Yith" is the name of the Cthulhu personality. Toneri Marjorie (Iriuda's daughter), whose body was dominated by Yog-Sothoth, is an example for similar case. With the differences being "the Cthulhu continue to possess" and "two personality are coexisting" in her case, even in the Dreamworld where living flesh is unnecessary.

The body was originally used by Hastur to operate in both Dynamis and Energeia. However, it was unable to support enormous magical power, caused Hastur to lost her true power as the result, and was abandoned after it has served its purpose. Feeling pity for the girl, Yith stayed behind in Energeia after Hastur has returned and possessed the abandoned body. Yith sets a barrier deep within a forest, and waited for almost an eternity until the girl's mind and body heals regardless of who she was. Yith silently held an anger towards herself and the Cthulhu royal family for being unable to stop the atrocity of Hastur that devastated the gods.

The human personality is finally awakened after Sol, who knew of its existence, reached out with his wisdom. As the effect of being forcibly awakened, Yith's nature as Cthulhu lost forever. At the same time, Yith also lost all sense of pain, and made full use of a wide array of hidden weapons to launch reckless suicidal attacks, which could be taken as a form of atonement.

In exchange for the research to separate her own established soul, Yith acts as the execution unit for the operations devised by Sol and Löwe Ende. By the way, the stability of the two different personality within Nandale Tusk is the result of being selected as a subject during the research process.


The name "Yith" is taken from a Great Race of the same name in the Cthulhu Mythos that first appeared in the novella The Shadow Out of Time by writer H. P. Lovecraft.

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