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XI Flags (XIフラッグス Irebun Furaggusu) is a group comprised of eleven Mermaid admirals.

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In the midst of battle with Schuster's Rebel Suppression Force Leviathan, the Mermaid captures eleven battleship-type Metal Fortress. The captured battleships were remodeled by Administrator Altair and becomes the Mermaid's strongest, most potent war weapons. The Mermaid admirals that commands the eleven flagships are know as "XI Flags". At the time of capture, there is also an unconfirmed information about obvious initial failure that was seen such as the eleven battleship-type Metal Fortress suddenly stopped functioning during battle and the likes.

In addition, the remodeled battleships' deck is a concert hall, besides holding the Mermaid's classical concert, it is able to assault the enemies with instrument-type weapons during emergencies.

"28 July 2020" addition

The passenger of the 8th ship has been confirmed.

1st ... Schubart
2nd ... Ludwig
3rd ...
4th ... Tartini
5th ... Claudia
6th ... Stamiraltz
7th ... Welte
8th ... Jena
9th ... Cespati
10th ... Sciarrino
11th ... Frederica


Ship # Name Cost Power Ship Name
1st XI Flags, Schubart 5 7500 Unknown
2nd XI Flags, Ludwig 5 7500 Unknown
4th XI Flags, Tartini 7 10500 Unknown
5th XI Flags, Claudia 5 7500 Unknown
6th XI Flags, Stamiraltz 6 8500 Unknown
7th XI Flags, Welte 4 6000 Unknown
8th XI Flags, Jena 8 10500 Unknown
9th XI Flags, Cespati 6 7500 Landing Ship, Altisonante
10th XI Flags, Sciarrino 4 6000 Unknown
11th XI Flags, Frederica 7 10500 Unknown

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