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Wisdom Zenith War (叡智極点戦争 Wizudamu Zenisu Wō) is the conflict between Sol with the Cthulhu and their allies.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

After turning his back on Blue World, Administrator Sol planned to turn the principle of Dreamworld as his own. He declared himself as "Wisdom Zenith", and begin the analysis and invasion to Dreamworld.

Having recognized the threat and decided to fight against Sol, Urara Yato—the second-ranked princess of Cthulhu royal family, welcomed her sister, Yutaka Tenryu—who was living as ordinary citizen in Earth, as the first-ranked princess of Cthulhu royal family. She entrusted the Dream Keys that was passed down in the royal family to promising Z/X users, and led the Cthulhu royal castle as its Tactical Supreme Commander.

The following are the latest situation in each area of Dreamworld, based on the current location of the Z/X users.

"03 June 2022" addition

Contains story around B40 - Valor "Crisis Arc". [Final Update]

Cthulhu Royal Castle
Asuka Tennoji, Ayase Kamiyugi, Nina Shitori

The second duel between Ayase and Nina looked different from their previous one.

With Archangel Uriel to protect, and a guardian called Garmatha as a reliable ally, Nina promptly turns to offense. Having shaken off all hesitation, Nina and Maine Coon sharply broke through their opponent's guard and put their claws in Ayase's neck, urged her to surrender. Ayase couldn't care less about being fatally wounded since she has no reason to obey nor anything to lose, and ordered Sieger to fight back—

However, their sacred duel was interrupted by the arrival of "Origin's destructive waves" that was unleashed from the vicinity of Sol's mansion. Its overwhelming power that swallowed everything regardless of friend or foe washed physical things away and robbed the scenery of its "color". The waves not only destroyed physical violence, but even spiritual ones such as hope and hatred.

Just before they thought they were going to lost their consciousness for eternity, a white boundary enveloped the Cthulhu royal caste. It was done by the Archangel who wished for peace more than anyone else. Made possible after the angel-turned Asuka poured his strength into Uriel who carried Fierte is his arms.

His warm light gently envelop even Ayase, whose heart was filled with the flame of revenge.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ①
Sera Kurashiki, Honome Chogasaki, Izumo Miyakonojo

Z/X users that visited the Dreamworld has acquired various abilities and achieving rapid growth. In front of true enemy, the Dream Key granted even more strength to its respective holders.

By using "Unlimited Boost" to acquire the strength of "Ignition Overboost" without fusing with their partner Z/X, together with "Alter Shift" to borrow the ability of subjugated nightmare, their strength became multiplied several times over. Their battle against Curator, which forced them into struggle just a little while ago, now has moved significantly.

The three groups within Red World team that each looked like a group of individuality launched extremely selfish waves of attacks, while largely ignoring the instructions from Honome as their leader.

Sera in Unlimited Boost state, Kalavinka who had transformed into her Alter form, along with Izumo and Gandiva who strike together with their bow and sword as one, finally cornered "The One" as if the moment when he didn't really took any damage before had been a lie. Satisfied by this unprecedented experience of being tossed about by the sudden heat up, the man collapsed and admitted his defeat. That was the moment when the winning desire of those determined people finally paid off.

Once he made sure that Honome has left the scene together with Sera, Izumo delivered the coup de grâce. The individual that was known as "the vilest and strongest being", was defeated by a group composed by various individualities in the end.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ②
Reia Sento, Suguru Raicho, Nanao Shishishima, Misaki Yuzuriha

Misaki and K2 risked their life to caught Terra's electromagnetic whip. Unable to wield his prideful "Iudgmente Chain" freely, the man who called himself Sol's confidant unleashed his rage.

Defeat will not be tolerated as long as he called himself the confidant of Wisdom Zenith, Sol. The hatred caused by his desire to not embarrass the Marshal eroded his life, and produced nonstandard output that discharged intense EM waves throughout the whip, electrocuted both Misaki and K2. On the other hand, K2 took on the appearance of her darkness Alter and ignited her dark passion. She wished for this unnecessary battle to end as soon as possible, and immediately went to the side of her beloved Garmatha.

"...Umm. This is a little impossible for me. I cannot get through"

After witnessed the clash between hatred and passion, Misaki took a step back and devoted herself to guard the envoys of justice. As their senior, it was her responsibility to shield them from the sight that was bad for their upbringing.

Finally, the time has come. K2 has gained enough time for Great Bevatron to charge its ultimate blaster attack, "Justice Punisher".

"""Six hearts as one!!!"""

The storm of light unleashed by the envoys of justice exceeded the speed in which Terra could reconstitute his body from data. And the man devoted to Sol vanished with regret in his heart.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ③
Sakura Kamiyugi

With the Yggdrasil factor completely burned, Nandale Tusk was separated into Nanda and Guile Tusk. Sakura is treating those two who got severely burned.

While Nanda feel ashamed of his own immaturity since he was clouded with ambition, Guile Tusk doesn't seem to reflect on his current state.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ④
Yamato Tennoji, Yachiyo Kamiyugi, Iriuda Orondo, Kasuga Kurosaki

Cursed Soul literally wields the despair itself. At that moment, Kasuga lost her will to fight after she foresaw that their soul would be crushed just by touching the aura that clad Cursed Soul, even the experienced mercenary Yamato was unable to find any solution to this and left dumbfounded. Then, Yachiyo and Almotaher stepped forward.

Even though they trembled with fear, the pair unleashed the simplified version of new finishing strike that they developed in secret, "Simplified Luna Cyclone - Shadow Edge". This extremely sophisticated technique make countless razor feathers dance on a tornado generated by the flap of wings, diffusing unknown beam on the razor feathers, and damage the target from all directions, with the tornado omitted from the simplified version. In spite of their intensive training, it still far from perfection and that was the best they could do.

"How's that! Serves you right! Aha, ha..."

Cursed Soul shouted a resentful cry against their unexpected counterattack and released its soul-crushing aura without discrimination. Those who were used to fight reacted immediately, but Kasuga fell down after being deprived of her physical and mental strength by the continuous tension. Then, the soul-crushing aura approached her, about to make her foresight turns into reality.

But a figure stands before her, the hero Alexander has arrived to support them at the instruction of Mikado. He tore the soul-crushing aura and dealt a hit to Cursed Soul within that momentum. Looking at the unyielding courage of Yachiyo and Almotaher, and hearing the encouraging voice of the hero, Yamato saw that light of hope has shine into the darkness in that very moment and muttered to himself.

"Hmph. To think that I would be taught by my pupil and saved by my nemesis"

The only mention of the outcome of the battle is that Yamato received assistance from Kasuga and Nei, and dealt the decisive blow to Iruida who has turned into Cursed Soul's core. No further details was given by anyone. Miraculously, no one was noticeably injured. All that remains is the fact that Iriuda Orondo and even his daughter whom he searched, Toneri Marjorie, has survived.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ⑤
Yutaka Tenryu, Urara Yato

The destructive waves unleashed by Yathura (Urara) who failed to control the Origin Cthulhu ruined the Dreamworld in a flash. Each of the visitors tried to protect themselves from it using the Idealoid granted by Dream Key, but it was too powerful to be resisted.

When everyone thought it was only a matter of time before Dreamworld and everyone in there perished, the first princess Utica (Yutaka) confronted the origin to took over the misconducts of her sisters.

Utica's determination successfully controlled the Origin completely, and the destructive waves was stopped after the third wave. Although almost the entire ground turned ashen as the result, and the "Dreamworld destruction" condition was fulfilled as the trigger to create a new world, many lives were saved. The vicinity of Cthulhu royal castle also escaped complete destruction as it was protected by the boundary created by the dying Archangel Uriel.

Sol's Mansion ①
Azumi Kagamihara, Chitose Aoba, Kisara Domeki, Shana Sakurakoji, Yith

Ignoring the "wall infiltration plan" devised by Shana, Vesparose blow the main entrance to Sol's hideout.

What awaits them is Yith. Unable to determine whether she was evil or not, Chitose tried to persuade her, but it was tragically broken off. A total of 9 Z/X users and partner Z/X (including the Maid Team) face against Yith, with Kisara refusing to participate in the fight.

Yith doesn't even flinch when facing all of them. Neither she fell. Her wish to stand equal with *** and hold her hands in the future created by her master's ambition gives her indomitable fighting spirit to fight back against them.

In the end, both Azumi's aim to ask Sol about the true intention of Blue World and Chitose's aim to defeat Sol was unable to be fulfilled. Even though her body was full of wounds, Yith successfully accomplished her mission to "eliminate all intruders".

Sol's Mansion ②
Mikado Kurosaki

There are two conditions that must be fulfilled in order to create a new world.

First, all of the Dream Keys are present in the Dreamworld.
Cthulhu royal family maintained 22 Dream Keys. But that was not all of them. "Universe", which was lost in the annals of history and wandered between dimensions, has somehow encountered Mikado who was blown by the impact of reflecting the "Diabolic Beam" unleashed by the Mad Demon King Satan.
Moreover, "The Emperor", "The Hermit", and "The Fool", which was unable to be handed to their suitors for a long time since Nyarlathotep has abandoned her duty, are currently under the possession of Yog-Sothoth. After she received the keys from Nyarlathotep and returned to the Dreamworld, she was captured by Sol faction. The condition was fulfilled while the suitors never obtained the keys until the end.

The other one is, resetting the Dreamworld.
Reset means destruction. Although some places were spared from destruction, this condition was largely fulfilled.

With the two conditions fulfilled, if Wisdom Zenith Sol were able to pass through the "Gate to Astral" which he has solved and ascertained its coordinates, he would be able to establish a new principle in the vacant Dreamworld. It turns out that the key to open the gate is none other than "Universe", the 23rd Dream Key.

The one who recognized by the key, and the one who discover the gate. One of them will reach the Astral before the other. And thus, Sol and Mikado held their duel—

Having become the manager, Mikado immediately waived his right.

After the war, Mikado appeared before the victors who gathered in the Cthulhu royal castle.
In contrast to Sol who disappeared after being led by his sister that was created from his own dream, Mikado was able to made the reunion with his sister a reality.
After spending few days doing as they likes, they returned to the present world (Energeia).

Urara was entrusted with handling those who sided with Sol.
Yith was charged with treachery in spite of her circumstances, and exiled from the Dreamworld. She decided to accompany Kisara to repay her kindness for breaking her soul connection with Thy and restored Thy as human. It is said that other than Kisara, the separation of Yith and Thy also involves Sera and Animus as well as the notes left by Sol

Green World
Soma Kembuchi

He is accompanied by Purity and Vasuki faction, trying to escape from the Green World.

▶ Back Log  B39 - Skybreak "World Order" ◀

Contains story around B39 - Skybreak "World Order".

Cthulhu Royal Castle
Asuka Tennoji, Ayase Kamiyugi, Nina Shitori

Ayase returns to Cthulhu royal castle in order to kill Uriel, the "root of all evil" that created White World. Nina—whose wounds from the duel are still not healed, Maine Coon, and Garmatha—who has returned from being a plushie to his original form, all stand in her way.

On the other hand, Uriel—who has regained his consciousness, shed tears at his reunion with Raphael (Fierte)—who has overcame her fate of death and was not killed by Blue World. Fierte is forced to make a choice between Asuka and Uriel.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ①
Sera Kurashiki, Honome Chogasaki, Izumo Miyakonojo

They are assaulting Sol's base. Forming the Red World team to face against "The One".

His tough body repels all sorts of attacks. The only effective hit is headbutt from Kalavinka—although it doesn't deal any damage, so Izumo analyzed that any strong and unpredictable attack will be able to pass through. Although the Red World team waited on each other for a chance, they didn't overlook the opportunity presented by the indiscriminate weapon change that caused by Löwe Ende with the "viral voice", and launched a simultaneous attack.

Tyranno sets up a rough continuous attacks with thundercharged gauntlets to the "perfectly misaligned" unrefined rhythm played from Kalavinka's harp, and the splendid combination of archery and swordsmanship from Izumo and Gandiva surpassed "The One"!

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ②
Reia Sento, Suguru Raicho, Nanao Shishishima

They are assaulting Sol's base. Forming the Blue World team to face against Terra.

While the overwhelming physical differences seemed to make the fight one-sided, the true strength and level-headed judgement of Sol's number one confidant are the real deal. Entangled by cables that discharged intense EM waves—"Iudgmente Chain", Bevatron's frame creaked and its instruments screamed. They barely escaped because their union was forcibly cancelled due to the influence of indiscriminate weapon change from Löwe Ende, but their movement was blocked again by the short-distance teleportation distinctive of data humans.

Misaki rushed to their predicament and burned down the Iudgmente Chain, turning the tide of battle. The three pilots once again united their hearts, combined into Bevatron, and cornered Terra! This is an act of requital by Misaki since she was saved by Suguru and Nanao when she was being attacked by the former Darkness Knight Marshall.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ③
Misaki Yuzuriha, Sakura Kamiyugi

They are assaulting Sol's base. Forming the White World team to face against Nandale Tusk.

Although it seemed to be a drawn-out battle since their opponent is a monster with overwhelming regenerative power, Phosflamme imbued K2's naginata with phoenix flame that clad her body, and the battle was quickly settled after their opponent was burned down with fire that was several times more intense than Phosflamme's own flame!

Misaki headed to the next battlefield, and Sakura stayed there to keep an eye on their opponent who has been separated into Nanda and Guile Tusk.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ④
Yamato Tennoji, Yachiyo Kamiyugi, Iriuda Orondo, Kasuga Kurosaki

Yachiyo and Kasuga are assaulting Sol's base. After being joined by Yamato who escaped from the base, they form the Black World team to face against Iriuda who has been turned into Cursed Soul—the evilest slaughter weapon.

Kasuga, who had the experience of being driven to the verge of soul extinguishment when she was being dominated by her devil personality, foresaw the ominous future where their soul are crushed just by touching his evil aura. Being unable to get their hands on him and forced to stand idly by, the indiscriminate weapon change from Löwe Ende occurred. Furthermore, the "Trial of Alter" returned after being around and hits Crepus at the worst timing. Dominated by cutesy fear of death, that place fell into extreme chaos.

Yachiyo and Almotaher muster up their courage in the midst of the despair.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ⑤
Azumi Kagamihara, Chitose Aoba, Shana Sakurakoji

Azumi is assaulting Sol's base. Acting alone as commando unit.

Azumi and Rigel found Twelve trying to escape from the battlefield, but they were confused by her extremely high stealth.

On the other hand, while Chitose discovered Azumi and Rigel being "wary of someone" from the distance and was unsure whether to call them or not, the indiscriminate weapon change from Löwe Ende occurred. Eudi conducted a bombardment with his bazooka without hesitation and scored a direct hit. Although Azumi was not injured since she was being guarded at the last minute, Rigel erupted with anger and carried out retaliation shoot at every directions without hesitation. As the result, Twelve was captured.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ⑥
Yutaka Tenryu, Urara Yato

They are assaulting Sol's base. Forming the Dreamworld team to face against Hastur who was enraged by Mikado's deception.

Urara suddenly decided to perform Ignition Overboost with Hastur. She tried to assert control, but her consciousness was swallowed back instead. At that moment, the destructive waves that once transformed Dynamis into a colorless void space was about to hit the Dreamworld, and Hastur's consciousness was disturbed by dissonance from Yutaka's song that doesn't seems to be of this world. Urara regained her consciousness at the same time, however....

In the next instant, the destructive waves mercilessly ravaged the Dreamworld. Even though the wave that was going to be unleashed by Hastur was stopped, Urara unleashed the second and third waves almost immediately. Of course, the power of Origin Cthulhu that have been passed down to the royal family also lies inside her. Hastur mocked Urara who was being frenzied by the uncontrollable power.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity ⑦
Kisara Domeki

Mentally and physically debilitated, and felt pity at the prisoner who was of the same age as her, Löwe Ende temporarily transformed Sol's base into a gingerbread house which also serves as "viral voice" experiment. Although she did this to satisfy Kisara's hunger, Kisara broke through the wall of sweets and escaped. Nevertheless, Kisara felt regretful about the soul separation of Yith that was ordered by Sol, and attempted to reversely access her ancestor, Abe no Seimei—who accessed her thoughts just a while ago.

She was soon joined by Chitose, Shana, and Azumi, who located the enemy base with the help of the Maid Team of Sakurakoji House. They all embarked from the front of Sol's Mansion.

Sol's Mansion
Mikado Kurosaki, Yith

Together with Sol, Mikado watches over the situation as the Curators and Hastur ravaged. Alexander is absent.

Yith is waiting for visitors from a distance as the last one to protect Sol. Meanwhile, she also gently rebuked Löwe Ende for bringing disadvantage to Sol with her reckless actions, but Sol actually didn't care about the failure.

Green World
Soma Kembuchi

Having been transferred into the Green World, he found Vasuki stood against Purity who was being captured by Mougi and deprived of her freedom.

Immediately after he rescued Purity, a powerful tremor hits them. Great Tree Yggdrasil was rumbling, starting its luxuriant growth into the other worlds. They called a truce with Vasuki and attempted to escape from the Green World.

▶ Back Log  B38 - Infinity "Unlimited Boost" ◀

Contains story around B38 - Infinity "Unlimited Boost".

Cthulhu Royal Castle ①
Sera Kurashiki, Honome Chogasaki, Izumo Miyakonojo, Azumi Kagamihara, Reia Sento, Suguru Raicho, Nanao Shishishima, Yutaka Tenryu (Utica), Misaki Yuzuriha, Sakura Kamiyugi, Yachiyo Kamiyugi, Kasuga Kurosaki, Urara Yato (Yathura)

Released from the "Trial of Alter", Suguru, Asuka, and Soma cooperated with Urara and launched a counterattack against Uriel who was contaminated with divine presence. Along with protecting Lawrencium, whom Uriel directed his relentless hatred to, the restless angel is finally knocked down to the ground at the end of the fierce battle. At Fierte's suggestion, he was held in the Eternal Prison that previously imprisoned Hastur.

Honome and Nanao returned with Azumi and Misaki in tow, joining the rest of members in Cthulhu royal castle.

After looking at the situation where they considerably reduced the force of Sol's faction after intercepted their vanguards in succession as a chance, Urara proposed a plan for all-out attack. Just a while ago, she also proposed a plan for Lawrencium and Cyclotron along with a small number of Z/X users to chase after the routed BrightTron, but it was rebuked by Izumo for being too dangerous. They decided to do an assault with 13 people, leaving some member standing by.

The approximate direction of the enemy is calculated from the withdrawal path of BrightTron that was recorded by Synchrotron's radar. The coordinates adjustment is done by Sakura's wind detection ability and Kasuga's visions.

Cthulhu Royal Castle ②
Asuka Tennoji, Nina Shitori

The dignified figure of Uriel has fainted since his exhausted intense spiritual power was unable to maintain his figure. Asuka and Nina stayed behind in Cthulhu royal castle to care for and confine the unconscious Uriel. They later saw their 13 comrades off to the enemy territory on Bevatron and Orichalcum Tyranno.

Cthulhu Royal Castle Vicinity
Ayase Kamiyugi

She witnessed Bevatron and Orichalcum Tyranno departs from the Cthulhu royal castle.

Sol's Mansion Vicinity
Chitose Aoba, Shana Sakurakoji

Because they received the "Trial of Alter" without Dream Key in their possession, the Ignition Overboost of Chitose and Rindo as well as Shana and Eudi was forcibly cancelled. Immediately after, Yith plunged herself at the point of "Kuzuryu" sword held by Chitose and unexpectedly harmed herself. Having no sense of pain, Yith took advantage of Chitose and Shana's confusion and abducted Kisara. At Eudi's direction, the Maid Team of Sakurakoji House broke into pursuit.

Everything happened in a flash. Chitose swore to rescue Kisara, and Shana swore to avenge the mischief.

Sol's Mansion ①
Mikado Kurosaki, Yamato Tennoji

Mikado and Sol finally met each other. All of the Curators except Uriel, including Yith who has returned after accomplished her duty, are present. "The One" and Nandale Tusk are introduced as companions with interest in destruction. Terra, Löwe Ende, and Yith are introduced as loyal subordinates. There are no comments on the revenant that was clad in chilling grudge.

Sol talked about remaking the Dreamworld where dreams become reality as a step to the Astral, after which he will ultimately remake the law of universe. Mikado neither agree nor disagree with the plan, and told his "sister" Hastur to aid the Curators in destroying the Dreamworld.

If Sol's scheme becomes reality, Dynamis, Energeia (the present world), and even the five worlds will be in danger. Yamato, who accompanied Mikado and heard everything, commanded Crepus to raise a signal. Animus, who accompanied them as well, also noticed lies in both Mikado and Yith.

Sol's Mansion ②
Iriuda Orondo

He attempted to escape with Yog-Sothoth. As he wander through the dimly lit corridor, he sensed the faint voice of someone.

It belongs to his daughter Toneri Marjorie, whom he went as far as to submit himself to Dagon Cartel—a crime syndicate in the guise of a global corporation, involved himself in crime, and abandoned his humanity only to find her. Her body was safe since Yog-Sothoth used it as a vessel, but the whereabouts of her soul is unknown.

Saying goodbye to her beloved father, Toneri's voice gave out her last radiance and disappeared.

On the other side of darkness, sharp footsteps are echoing from the depths of the corridor.
Avance, a Black Sword clad in blood-red armor, spoke to the despairing Iriuda.

"The last fragment of the Eight Souls of the Black Sword is you"

Sol's Mansion ③
Kisara Domeki

Kisara was placed under custody inside a luxurious room. She was frightened since Sol ordered her to solve a difficult problem.

That is, to separate the two souls inside Yith by using the wisdom of Sol who has achieved the digitization of soul, as well as the spatial transfer technique of Yog-Sothoth that affect even the soul.

Failure will not be tolerated.

Green World
Soma Kembuchi

Soma repeatedly sensed the presence of Purity ever since he arrived in the Dreamworld. He intuitively deduced that she is trying to convey something to him and is currently in danger. All because he knew the strong-willed girl well.

Soma changed his plan to join the all-out attack with his comrades in Cthulhu royal castle. He bid farewell to everyone, and tried to transfer himself to the Green World with the power of Dreamworld to turn dreams into reality. Beyond the Black Point, that he once longed and dreamed of—

▶ Back Log  B37 - Illusion "Silver Bullet" ◀

Contains story around B37 - Illusion "Silver Bullet".

Cthulhu Royal Castle ①
Reia Sento, Suguru Raicho, Asuka Tennoji, Soma Kembuchi, Urara Yato (Yathura)

The nightmare "Alter" appears simultaneously to all Z/X within the Cthulhu royal castle. Each of the partner Z/X are being attacked by their own daydream. Immediately after, Archangel Uriel, who noticed the presence of Asuka and Sakura, arrived in the royal castle. He then assaulted Lawrencium who is being tormented by the nightmare. Uriel also directed his relentless hatred to Cyclotron after Lawrencium, putting both Reia and Suguru at his mercy for no apparent reason.

Urara, the only one without partner Z/X, immediately arrive at the scene. She challenged Uriel in place of Reia and Suguru, but with her opponent being the highest authority of the White World, she was quickly forced into defensive. Asuka, who was able to release Fierte from the nightmare since the effect of the "Trial of Alter" was weakened for some reason, joined there to give his assistance and wait for a chance of victory.

In addition, Soma and Feuille also noticed the commotion and rushed to there. However, Feuille was extremely uneasy since she received support from Purity—who shouldn't have been in the Dreamworld—at the time of her initial release.

Cthulhu Royal Castle ②
Sera Kurashiki, Izumo Miyakonojo, Yutaka Tenryu (Utica), Sakura Kamiyugi, Nina Shitori, Yachiyo Kamiyugi, Kasuga Kurosaki

They are currently dealing with the "Trial of Alter" imposed on them. Nina is also recuperating from the wounds she suffered in duel.

Plains ①
Honome Chogasaki, Azumi Kagamihara, Nanao Shishishima, Misaki Yuzuriha

They are currently on their way to join the others in the Cthulhu royal castle. They already escaped from the "Trial of Alter", partly because the impact was minor compared to those in the royal castle.

Moreover, it is later revealed from Misaki's case that those who somehow possessed the factor of Z/X in their body was able to see the nightmare of their partner Z/X from the beginning.

Plains ②
Mikado Kurosaki, Yamato Tennoji

Sol's confidant—Terra, appears before Mikado who was wandering around without any particular purpose. The intention of Terra, who wanted to secure Mikado, coincided with Mikado who wanted to meet with Sol. In addition, Mikado also called out to Yamato who was following him, and made both sides agree to his proposal to travel together. Mikado, Alexander, Hastur, Yamato, Crepus, and Animus successfully entered Sol's base. Just as planned so far.

Due to their distance from the source of nightmare—Uriel, Z/X that followed Mikado and Yamato are not subjected to the "Trial of of Alter" at this moment.

Chitose Aoba, Kisara Domeki, Shana Sakurakoji

From their conversation, they noticed that Yith is involved with Sol. She challenged all of them, with the exception of Vesparose (and Kisara) who was not in good condition. Although Yith, being a master of hidden weapons and impervious to pain, was a formidable opponent, they somehow managed to win. They demanded that she guide them to Sol's location.

At that very moment, the "Trial of Alter" hits Chitose, Kisara, and Shana. Although the impact was minor since they are located far from the Cthulhu royal castle just like Honome and the others with her, the Archangel's spiritual contamination that could even penetrate through the "Idealoid" defensive mechanism of the Dream Key is enough to trifle with them since they didn't possess the Dream Key. The situation is overturned for them.

Sol's Mansion
Iriuda Orondo

He is still separated from Maldicion. He noticed that Yog-Sothoth is in the cell next to him and proposed her to collaborate to escape from there.

Like Mikado and the others with him, they are not subjected to the "Trial of of Alter".

? ? ? ?
Ayase Kamiyugi

Her whereabouts remains unknown after she left the royal castle.

▶ Back Log  B36 - Evolve "Alter Break" ◀

Contains story around B36 - Evolve "Alter Break"

Cthulhu Royal Castle ①
Sera Kurashiki, Reia Sento, Suguru Raicho

While Urara is gathering the 21 Z/X users she aimed, those who arrived first restored themselves in the Cthulhu royal castle.

At that time, Löwe Ende raided them aboard BrighTron as Sol's vanguard. She cuts through the upper part of the royal castle just like cake. Reia and Suguru were dispatched against her, but the sheer differences in her abilities compared to their past confrontation weighed their mind and made them recoiled. Sera, who has an absolute advantage against machines, arrived there and successfully repelled her with ease.

Sera and her group joined the castle one day after that incident. A harsh trial is approaching Z/X and their partner that was scattered across the Dreamworld, including Reia and Lawrencium.

Cthulhu Royal Castle ②
Asuka Tennoji, Nina Shitori

Ayase and Nina had their fated duel in the arena inside the royal castle with Asuka as the witness. Reia, Suguru, and Yutaka also watched the course of events, but they left the scene when BrighTron raided the royal castle. Ayase dominated throughout the match. After defeated Nina, who endured with her determination alone, Ayase left the royal castle in secret.

Cthulhu Royal Castle ③
Kasuga Kurosaki

She is currently pondering the whereabouts of her brother, Mikado, who was believed to be in the royal castle until several hours ago.

Cthulhu Royal Castle ④
Sakura Kamiyugi, Yachiyo Kamiyugi

Sakura collapsed. Her condition is improving after being nursed by Yachiyo.
The cause is rejection against "divine presence" that once covered Sakura when she became a "Qillatu". While there are others with similar case, Sakura's character and constitution is easily affected by external factors, so her symptoms are more remarkable.
In spite of the exorcision of the gods, a being that emitted strong "divine presence" is about to reach the royal castle.

Cthulhu Royal Castle ⑤
Soma Kembuchi

Together with his Partner Z/X Feuille, they encountered another person that looked just like Feuille. The fake Feuille said that her true form is materialized nightmare, "Alter". Feuille turned pale.

Cthulhu Royal Castle ⑥
Izumo Miyakonojo, Yutaka Tenryu (Utica), Urara Yato (Yathura)

Without full cooperation of the Cthulhu in general, the preparation for all-out confrontation would be delayed. Unable to bear this, Izumo is working with Yutaka to support Urara.

Urara has a secret plan to defeat Sol, but she was rebuked by Izumo who carried the operation.

Plains ①
Honome Chogasaki, Azumi Kagamihara, Nanao Shishishima, Misaki Yuzuriha

Having lost sight of Iriuda, Azumi and Misaki are attacked by the mysterious gigantic human-face tree, Nandale Tusk. After Nandale Tusk pushed them into difficult position, Misaki and her partner K2 stopped moving as if they were frozen.

Rigel also become unable to move after she rushed to Azumi side. By chance, the passing-through Honome—who "wished to keep his mouth shut since Mikado has something on her", and Nanao—who "asked by Asuka to look after Yamato", rushed to join the battle. However, the partner Z/X are still unable to move as if the time has been stopped.

Plains ②
Mikado Kurosaki, Yamato Tennoji

Mikado, who escaped Cthulhu royal castle with the third-ranked princess Hastur, is heading to somewhere.
Yamato, who not only didn't tell anyone about Mikado being in the royal castle, but also suspicious of Mikado for slipping out the castle without encountering anyone, begin to follow him. Furthermore, Honome and Nanao joined the state of affairs afterwards, but the two noticed Azumi's situation and withdrew from the pursuit.

Meanwhile, Sol's confidant—Terra, appeared before Mikado.

Chitose Aoba, Kisara Domeki, Shana Sakurakoji

Unlike the others, they reached Dreamworld on a submarine packed with the technology from Blue World, without assistance from the Cthulhu. On the way, the submarine was flooded since it was unable to withstand the pressure of Japan Trench, and Heliotrope was separated from the group.

Since they acted thoughtlessly, they had no stepping stone to defeat Sol, and just as they were at a loss, they encountered a girl who calls herself Yith. They are then invited by her to the residence of the master she serves in order to heal the fatigue from their trip.

Sol's Mansion
Iriuda Orondo

Maldicion is abducted by Sol's minion, Twelve. He tried to recover Maldicion, but was defeated by Twelve who makes full use of tricky tactics. He is currently being held in Sol's base.

? ? ? ?
Ayase Kamiyugi

Her whereabouts is unknown after she left the royal castle.

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