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Demonic Wasp Princess, Vesparose (()(ほう)()ヴェスパローゼ Mahōki Vesuparōze), or simply known as Vesparose, is the Partner Z/X of Kisara Domeki.

One of the terminal created by Yggdrasil. Possessing the intelligence to manipulate the Plasect, she plans to eradicate the lineage of Benihime that opposes Yggdrasil from this world.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

One of the intelligent terminal created by Great Tree Yggdrasil to manipulate the Plasect. Vesparose control the Russia area and perform reconnaissance and attack on forces that opposes Yggdrasil.

In contrast with Beetle Queen, Hell Thorn that takes showy acts to exterminate the opposing forces, Vesparose aim for the individual person that will become harmful. She won't change her target until their erasure is confirmed. But during an experiment involving Kisara Domeki that was "raised as puppet" a little while ago, the person that was chosen as the next target has been determined.

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