V Jump (ブイジャンプ Bui Janpu) is a Japanese magazine about manga and video games.

The Z/X and Z/X Code reunion manga are serialized and published through this magazine.

Promotional Cards

Several V Jump issues comes with the following promotional cards.

Color Number Card Name Type Issue
Red P01-010 Dragon Destroyer, Siegfried Z/X September 2012
Black P02-011 Devil of Fate, Fatus Z/X December 2012
Red P02-005 Twelve Mitsubuse Arrow, Nasu no Yoichi Z/X March 2013
White P04-008 Ordre the Order Z/X June 2013
White P04-026 Girl That Lured to the Absolute Boundary, Natalya Player July 2013
White P04-027 Lawbringer, Lhotse Z/X
Blue P05-007 Transformed Locomotive, Lanthanum Z/X September 2013
Blue P06-020 Demonic-Bladed Black Knight, Cyclotron Z/X December 2013
White P07-022 Light Beam of Regulation, Gambiel Z/X March 2014
Red P08-005 Strongest War Forces, Saika Magoichi Z/X June 2014
White P09-019 Rookie Guardian, Marshall Z/X August 2014
White P09-020 K2's Aide, Marshall Z/X September 2014
Blue P09-021 Creator of the Original XIII, Vega Z/X October 2014
Black P10-026 Girl Who Parted Out from Sorrow, Banshee Z/X December 2014
Red P11-011 Spirit of Hearth, Ape-Fuci-Kamuy Z/X February 2015
Blue P12-010 Enjoying Day Off, Tartini Z/X June 2015
Black P13-015 Magical Girl of Chaos, Magia Z/X September 2015
Green P13-016 Playing in Water, Were-Jaguar Z/X October 2015
Black P14-017 Devil of Hour, Hora Z/X December 2015
Red P15-014 Giving a Share of Happiness, Dakki Z/X February 2016
White P15-016 Troisieme the Third Z/X April 2016
Blue P16-006 Troublesome "Silt", Lahamu Z/X EX July 2016
Green P17-016 Peaceful "Leash", Ninhursag Z/X EX October 2016
Red P18-015 Goddess of Prosperity, Konohana-Sakuya-Hime Z/X February 2017
Blue P21-010 Alpha Nova, Rigel Z/X October 2017
White P21-037 Lucid Nephrite Z/X November 2017
Black P21-038 Concealed-Carry Sonnenschutzan Z/X December 2017
Blue P24-024 Sword Liberator, Rigel Z/X July 2018
Colorless P28-008 Wildbloom Flame, Cthugha Z/X June 2019
Blue P30-056 Azumi Kagamihara Player December 2019
Colorless P32-020 Void-Reaching Keyhole, Chthonian Z/X July 2020

Other than bonuses from magazine issues, V Jump also gives out promotional cards via several campaign that ran in the magazine.

Color Number Card Name Type Method
White P13-020 Soul Binding Angel, Lien Z/X Subscription Campaign (2015)

The subscription service for "Road to Victory" and "Victory Roar" promotional pack also ran in the magazine's March 2015 and May 2016 issue, respectively.

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