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For the Player Card, see Urara Yato (card).

Urara Yato (夜刀(やと)うらら Yato Urara) is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

A Cthulhu girl with extremely strong power that overwhelms even the Dingir. Her true form is a lifeform from the outer space. She is the second-ranked princess of the distant "Dreamworld", which also known as the "Othersea". Unlike ordinary Cthulhu, she has a special trait that allow her to manifest without using human body as medium.

Her original name as the second-ranked princess is difficult to pronounce, but its nearest approximation is "Yathura".

She is bold and aggressive. While she is by no means a jack of all trades that able to do anything, she maintains a cool and perfect personality all the time. But it's a different story when her beloved elder sister is involved.

In order to recover both the first-ranked princess and the future-reflecting grimoire "Necronomicon" that was left behind by the third-ranked princess who once devastated the gods, she led a large number of Cthulhu into the Energeia.

"You want to challenge me? My heart is excited"

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