The Twelve Apostles (十二使徒 Jūnishito) is a group of twelve high-ranked Angels in the White World.

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Among the Angels in the White World, they are the most exalted of their number due to their incredible psychic powers. The Twelve Apostles are among the highest ranking angels, second to only the Four Archangels. Each of them waits for a chance to take the position of the Archangels.

The Twelve Apostles lead a host of Guardians and Angels who are comparable to the population of modern nations, and naturally, they look down on most people for lacking psychic talent.


Name Zodiac Sign Cost Power
Malchidael Aries 5 7500
Asmodel Taurus 7 10500
Ambriel Gemini 6 8500
Muriel Cancer 6 8500
Verchiel Leo 6 9000
Hamaliel Virgo 5 7500
Zuriel Libra 7 10000
Barbiel Scorpio 3 4500
Adnachiel Sagittarius 7 9000
Hanael Capricorn 8 11000
Gambiel Aquarius 5 7000
Barchiel Pisces 4 6000


The name of the group are derived from the Twelve Apostles, a reference to their origin and roles as the ruler of White World. The individual names and design for each Apostles are derived from the Angels of Twelve Zodiac Signs and the zodiac signs itself.


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