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Token (トークン Tōkun) is a special marker created by card's ability during the game. They are introduced in Extra Pack 8: Nippon Ichi Software 3.

A Token possesses its own parameter like a regular card and are treated as such if placed on Square during gameplay. However, they are not an actual card and would simply cease to exist when they left the Square.

Unlike other card games, ability that create a Token simply refer to the created Token by its name, and the parameter possessed by the Token are listed on a dedicated Token Marker (トークンマーカー Tōkun Mākā) instead. Therefore, it is mandatory to bring the dedicated Token Marker when using cards that able to create Token. The dedicated Token Marker are available either in sealed pack or as data download.

Since Token are specified only by its name in the card text, it is possible for two Token Marker to share the same name but different parameter, and it's up to the player to determine which one to use during the game in that case.

For the list of all available Token, see Category:Token.

Comprehensive Rules

1207 Token

  • 1207.1 During the game, the ability of a card may create a Token. Token is not treated as card.
  • 1207.2 Although Token is not a card, it is placed as a card if it appears on Square, and possess a specified card type.
  • 1207.3 If the card type of a Token is Z/X or Z/X Extra, it possesses parameter such as Cost, Power, color, card name, Tribe, ability, and so on.
  • 1207.4 After a Token is created and put into a zone, if it is put into another zone other than being moved from a Square onto another Square, that Token disappear (911).
  • 1207.5 The parameter possessed by a Token is represented by a dedicated marker.
  • 1207.6 During the game, if it is difficult to change the state of a Player Card when it need to be changed, a Token can be used to represent that change.