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Three Regalia (三神器 Sanshinki) is the collective term for Lawrencium, Cyclotron, and Synchrotron.

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The most prominent boarding-type Metal Fortress. Since Administrator Canopus—the developer and designer of Metal Fortress—is heavily involved on them, they constantly adopted the state-of-art technology. The three of them are Lawrencium, Cyclotron, and Synchrotron, only Synchrotron is jointly developed with Administrator Denebola.

As their greatest feature, they are equipped with the "Justice Engine" mechanism that captured and convert the pilot's uplifted mental state into energy. For that reason, they have good affinity with young boys and girls full of dreams. Nevertheless, taking into account the amount of knowledge, physical maturity, and so forth, the minimum age for the pilot is established as 10 years old. In addition, since they also required the quality of a Z/X user, there is a considerably limited range for those who are capable to be their pilot.

The Three Regalia were originally made as sibling machines.

Massprotron are mass-produced Synchrotron. Totaling for 64 machines. They are developed by Canopus who was given another personality by Administrator Sol at that time. BrighTron is the successor of Synchrotron. It is the only one that doesn't have any involvement from Canopus, and was developed by Administrator Arcturus. All of them are also collectively referred to as the "Tron-Class".

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