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For the Event card, see Summer Vacation of Niggu & Theogo.

The Summer Vacation of Niggu & Theogo (ニグとテオゴのなつやすみ Niggu to Teogo no Natsuyasumi) is a special Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG set exclusive for Z/X Card Gacha service.

This set is a "story set" (ストーリーセット) that depicts the story of the adventures of Niggu-tan and Theogonyan in card form, which itself will depict the story in its art, flavor text, ability, or any combination of them.

This set is available for purchase between 3 June 2021 12:00 JST until 10 June 2021 17:00 JST, with delivery starts in late August 2021.


This set is sold in the following bundle (all includes tax and shipping fee).

  • 1 set for 5500 JPY
  • 12 sets for 66,000 JPY

There are 16 kind of cards in this set, with 10 of them being new cards, for a total of 52 cards.

A special set containing all of the new cards (34 cards in total) as Hologram Rare version can also be obtained if the set was purchased as a bundle of 12.

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Colorless G08-001 Player R Adventure Begin, Niggu-tan & Theogonyan 1
Colorless G08-002 Player R Treasure Discovery, Niggu-tan & Theogonyan 1
Colorless G08-003 Z/X R Midair Stroll, Theogonyan 4 Ignition
Colorless G08-004 Z/X R Underwater Stroll, Theogonyan 4 Ignition
Colorless G08-005 Z/X R Jungle Exploration, Theogonyan 4
Colorless G08-006 Z/X R Cave Exploration, Theogonyan 4
Colorless G08-007 Z/X R Freedom@Niggu-tan Balloon 4
Colorless G08-008 Z/X R Freedom@Niggu-tan Jelly 4
Colorless G08-009 Z/X R Active@Niggu-tan Jungle 4
Colorless G08-010 Z/X R Active@Niggu-tan Cave 4
Green G08-011 Z/X N Medicinal Beastman, Were-Pangolin 4 Void Bringer
Green G08-012 Z/X N Apprentice Maid, Heliotrope 1 Start Card
Green G08-013 Z/X N Ongoing Dark Past, Canna 4
Colorless G08-014 Z/X N Paradise@Niggu-tan Manju 4 Ignition
Colorless G08-015 Z/X N Yui it's Munimuni 4 Life Recovery
Colorless G08-016 Z/X N Enki VS Enlil 1

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