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Ten Radiant Saints (十輝聖 Jukkisei) is a group comprised of both Angels and Guardians in the White World.

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A newly established organization to accomplish the "strong White World". Its most notable characteristic is the mix of two Tribes, Angel and Guardian. In general, it is likely to be comprised of those with distinguished war service in "Gambiel War" that invited the White World into the crucible of chaos, but there is a policy to include for example, someone with war criminal history, if they are approved by the leader Michael.

The angel that rule over the Ophiuchus "Livia", who was hidden under the rank of general angel despite possessing ability equal to the Twelve Apostles, became the first splendid person to be appointed.


Name Cards Cost Power
Livia Ten Radiant Saints - Wonderful Livia 4 6000
Ten Radiant Saints - Livia, Longing Chapel 6 9000
Ras Dashen Ten Radiant Saints - Misty Ras Dashen 8 10500
Alpamayo Ten Radiant Saints - Dreaming Alpamayo 7 10500
Ram Ten Radiant Saints - Azure Twinblade, Ram 7 10500
Franche Ten Radiant Saints - Franche the Thunderpike 6 9000

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