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For the Player Card, see Suguru Raicho (card).

Suguru Raicho (雷鳥超 Raichō Suguru) is a character in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The pilot of the Jet-Black Lawrencium "Cyclotron", he is an elementary school student who goes to the same school as Reia Sento, and is one year his senior. He belongs to a soccer team like Reia, and he is the only other soccer player in the municipal boys soccer club who can match up to Reia. Suguru is an ace striker, and leads the F.C. Black Lightning, which is consisted to be the strongest team in the area.

On the orders of the Blue World's elite "Administrator Canopus", he is trying to find out if he's superior to Lawrencium, by hunting down Reia and Lawrencium. The Code Names of the two in this project is "Saint Ray" and "Thunderbird".

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