Stylish Headbutt (スタイリッシュ頭突き Sutairisshu Zutsuki) is a keyword ability that activates when the card with this ability appear on Square. As of now, this ability is only possessed by "Splendorous Rock Smash, Kalavinka". It is also the name of the "special skill" of Kalavinka in the story.

The current reminder text of Stylish Headbutt ability is shown below:

【自】 スタイリッシュ頭突き【有効】 スクエア 【誘発】 このカードが登場する。 【効果】 あなたのプレイヤーが「蝶ヶ崎ほのめ」の場合、ノーマルスクエアにあるバトル中でない相手のゼクスを1枚選び、ゼクスのない◎のスクエアに置く。置いたならば、そのゼクスをスリープし、そのゼクスは次の相手のリブートフェイズにリブートしない。

Comprehensive Rules

1109 Stylish Headbutt

  • 1109.1 Stylish Headbutt ability is an automatic ability from a card appearance.
  • 1109.2 "Stylish Headbutt" means "When this card appear, if your Player is Honome Chogasaki, choose one of your opponent's Z/X on Normal Square that is not currently in battle, put it onto empty designated Square, and if you do, Sleep that Z/X, that Z/X does not Reboot in your opponent's next Reboot Phase."

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