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Stella Ris (ステラ・リース Sutera Rīsu) is an idol competition in the story of Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

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Ceremony bearing the name of star to determine the top idol. Invidia, the Devil of Envy from Black World who was known for her whim make use of enormous funds from her affiliated enterprises, and held it under the sponsorship of Deathsmith Company.

There seems to be no entry qualifications, with origin, gender, structure, achievements, real or virtual all being ignored. As the result, it attracted a large number of participants far beyond the expectations, and it hastily announced that a preliminary would be held before the main competition. Only 10 groups were able to pass the preliminary. The group that won the preliminary and acquired the "Best Award" in the main competition will be presented with a wreath made of braided flowers that bear the name of star.

The top 12 most popular groups that joined as participants are presented below.

Name Affiliation Profile
Type.XIII Blue World She decided to participate in order to atone herself, even though nobody knows the fact that she was the one who drove innocent people to their death using viral voice. She seems to have some kind of relationship with Nu, the member or "SHiFT" idol group.
Mermaid Orchestra Blue World 39 Mermaid with the addition of 2 former Dingir for a total of 41 persons, delivering beautiful singing voices and magnificent performance with specialized instruments in their hands. Schubart, the captain of XI Flags flagship, is in charge of conducting as their unit leader. While they are considered to be the top contender to pass the preliminary because of their genuine ability, whether they will progress as being speculated or not depends on Tartini who is catastrophically tone deaf.
Minami & Tsubasa White World Because Shining Angel suspended its activity, its members other than Misaki Yuzuriha decided to participate. Since the two already has some recognition as enka singer and genius child actress respectively before joining Shining Angel, their participation in the absence of their leader is drawing an attention.
Spite Malice Black World 2-member male unit of Devil of Hostility, Hostili and Devil of Thundering Roar, Tonet. Their characteristic style is "picking fight with humanity" as well as murderous and bizarre death metal. It is said that there are people who overcame with emotions and actually lost their life because of them on rare occasion. They mainly receive support from women.
Five Chiefs Green World Participate to appeal for the hometown tax of Millennium Land. Beforehand, a rock–paper–scissors game (some reported it as strip rock-paper-scissors) was held for the right to appear between the cat-type Lycanthrope Five Chiefs and the dog-type Lycanthrope New Five Chiefs, with victory to the Five Chiefs. And now we arrived at the present. Naturally, they have zero achievement as idol unit. Their leader is "Daddy", the only male among the members.
Eight Precious Beauties Green World Originally a 8-member unit, but Laurel and Mastiha, who are known to be on bad terms with each other, each registered for the participation of 6 people, excluding each other's name and Pecteilis who belongs to "SHiFT". Sensed something troublesome, Skeletal Sales on the reception used his wits to remove the two and accept the participation of the other 5. He went missing afterwards. After Freesia, who had a large number of enthusiastic fans, settled as their leader, their completion degree as idol unit is rising dramatically.
Eight Precious Beauties QUEEN Green World Improvised unit formed by Laurel and Mastiha out of necessity. Expected to definitely cause some trouble in a bad meaning.
Soheki Mixed Unit comprised of Mermaid Menotti from Blue World and Leafer Angelica from Green World. Known as "the miraculous idol unit" since it was formed when relationship between the five worlds was far more hostile than it is now, and has many old fans. Their unit name is derived from "blue-green" and "matchless pair".
SHiFT Mixed 5-member idol unit comprised of one member from each of the five worlds. A traditional idol unit that steadily gets stronger and increasing its popularity. Please refer to the entry for "SHiFT" for more details.
iDA Mixed 3-member idol unit comprised of one member from each of Red, Black, and Green World. Made their debut in the preliminary of Stella Ris. Please refer to the entry for "iDA" for more details.
Dramiko Quintet Mixed 5-member idol unit comprised of one member from each of the five worlds. Made their debut in the preliminary of Stella Ris as well. All other details are unknown except that all of the 5 members claimed to be its leader.
Clear Heart Ea Independent Solo idol that has strong rivalry with the already less-known Dramiko Quintet. All other details are unknown as well.


The name is derived from stellaris (ステラリス Suterarisu), sutera (ステラ Sutera), and wreath (リース Rīsu).

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