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Celestial Anthem (純白の双翼(セレスティアル・アンセム) Seresutiaru Ansemu) is the ninth Starter Deck set for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.


  • The deck's tagline is "-Thou, let's revolt against God-" (―汝、神に反逆せよ―)


Each boxes contains four decks, each sealed decks contains the following items.

  • 16 different cards, 57 cards in total.
  • Plastic deck case (able to hold up to 61 cards with both sleeve & sleeve protector).
  • Sleeve (65 pieces)
  • Playmat (with Rule References on the other side).


This deck is accompanied by the following short stories.

  • side. FIERTE
  • side. LULU

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
White C16-001 Player SR Asuka Tennoji 1 New Illustration (3D Holo)
White Black C16-002 Z/X EX SR Endless Glory "Creation", Lulu 2 New Card
2 New Card (Holo)
White C16-003 Z/X SR Protector of Holy Prayer, Fierte 2 New Card
2 New Card (Holo)
Black C16-004 Z/X SR Pure White Bud, Solitus 2 New Card
2 New Card (Holo)
White C16-005 Z/X R Evilbane, Passu Sar 4
White C16-006 Z/X R Scoop-Chasing Munchkin 4
White C16-007 Z/X R Absconding Maine Coon 4
White C16-008 Z/X R Holy Beast, Aura Remora 4
White C16-009 Z/X SR Incorruptible Feelings, Fierte 4
White C16-010 Z/X SR Fierte the Pride 3
White C16-011 Event R Pure White Wings 2 New Card
2 New Card (Holo)
Black C16-012 Z/X R Chattering Cathy 4
Black C16-013 Z/X UC Rookie Sales, Catherine 1
Black C16-014 Z/X UC Going Violent, Janet 4
Black C16-015 Z/X R Eerie Dentist, Dental Doctor 4
Black C16-016 Z/X UC Devilish Ghost, Leanan Sidhe 4

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