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Solitary Rebel (孤高(ここう)反逆者(はんぎゃくしゃ) Kokō no Hangyakusha) is the fifth Starter Deck set for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.


  • The deck's tagline is "When the solitary forces meets, a new power is born-" (孤高の力が出会う時、新たな力が生まれる―)
  • The deck concept is based around "Combo"—use the cards together in a combination to create even more power than using a single card.
  • Features 4 new cards, including a new "Sagarmatha" and "Solitus" card.


Each boxes contains four decks, each sealed decks contains the following items.

  • 21 different cards, 51 cards in total.
  • Paper deck case (able to hold up to 51 cards with both sleeve & sleeve protector).
  • Playmat (with Rule References on the other side).

Special Privileges

Each sealed boxes of "Solitary Rebel" contains the following promotional cards.


This deck is accompanied by the following short stories.

  • side. IRA
  • side. SUPERBIA
  • side. SOLITUS
  • side. LUXURIA
  • side. GARMATHA
  • side. MISAKI

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
White C10-001 Player SR Misaki Yuzuriha 1 New Illustration
White C10-002 Z/X SR Knight of Salvation, Sagarmatha 1 New Card
1 New Card (Hologram)
Black C10-003 Z/X SR Confined Loner, Solitus 1 New Card
1 New Card (Hologram)
White C10-004 Z/X UC Holy Beast, Aura Barong 4
White C10-005 Z/X C Chindon'ya, Ragamuffin 1
White C10-006 Z/X R Absconding Maine Coon 4
White C10-007 Z/X R Lawbringer, Dhaulagiri 2
White C10-008 Z/X R Decembre the December 2 New Card
White C10-009 Z/X PR Holy Beast, Aura Yeti 2
White C10-010 Z/X C Holy Beast, Aura Gurangatch 2
White C10-011 Z/X UC Marteau the Light Hammer 3
White C10-012 Z/X C Punishment Cross 3
Black C10-013 Z/X R Devil of Solitude, Solitus 2
Black C10-014 Z/X UC Assassin Dagger of Abyss, Flame Corpse 2
Black C10-015 Z/X UC Devil of Forfeiture, Perdere 4
Black C10-016 Z/X C Devil of Blade, Lamina 4
Black C10-017 Z/X R Girl of Illusion Path, Alice 2
Black C10-018 Z/X UC Chewing Vise 2
Black C10-019 Z/X R Wrapping-Around Hanging 2 New Card
Black C10-020 Z/X UC Devil of Ruins, Ruina 3
Black C10-021 Z/X UC Revenant, Ebony Clown 2

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