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Starter Deck Vol.3 is the third Starter Deck set for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

It is comprised of three different decks; Asuka Tennoji & Ayase Kamiyugi (天王寺飛鳥&上柚木綾瀬 Tennōji Asuka & Kamiyugi Ayase), Mikado Kurosaki & Chitose Aoba (黒崎神門&青葉千歳 Kurosaki Mikado & Aoba Chitose), and Azumi Kagamihara & Sera Kurashiki (各務原あづみ&倉敷世羅 Kagamihara Azumi & Kurashiki Sera).


  • The decks' motif are based around the protagonists of the TV anime "Z/X Ignition". Each decks contains two Player cards and new version of those characters' Partner Z/X, all with new illustration based on the anime.
  • Contains several cards from the upcoming Booster 7: Fated Rivalry.
  • Due to how each starter decks was constructed, there are several ways to play with the prebuilt decks.
    • Choose a character and that character's Partner Z/X, and combine it with the rest of the deck. Switch the character and the Partner Z/X to play it as a different deck.
    • Take two same starter decks, separate the cards in two piles based on their color, then remove the excess Player card and Start Card to create two monocolored decks.


Each boxes contains four decks, each sealed decks contains the following items.

  • 28 different cards, 54 cards in total.
  • Paper deck case (able to hold up to 51 cards with both sleeve & sleeve protector).
  • Playmat (with Rule References on the other side).
  • Quick Guide.

Special Privileges

Card List

Asuka Tennoji & Ayase Kamiyugi

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
White C05-001 Player SR Asuka Tennoji 1 New Illustration
White C05-003 Z/X SR Aurora Crown, Fierte 1 New Card
1 New Card (Hologram)
White C05-005 Z/X C Lawbringer, Distaghil 2
White C05-006 Z/X C Pur the Pure 2
White C05-007 Z/X R Ciel the Sky 2
White C05-008 Z/X C Ame the Soul 2
White C05-009 Z/X R Etoile the Star 2
White C05-010 Z/X UC Holy Beast, Aura Roc 2
White C05-011 Z/X UC Lawbringer, Yerupaja 2 Set 7 Prerelease
White C05-012 Z/X PR Heroic Courage 2
White C05-013 Z/X UC Holy Beast, Aura Sebek 2
White C05-014 Z/X R Angel of Quest, Admiration 2
White C05-015 Event C Punishment Cross 2
White C05-016 Event UC Chain Bind 2
Black C05-002 Player SR Ayase Kamiyugi 1 New Illustration
Black C05-004 Z/X SR Ruin's Tip, Sieger 1 New Card
1 New Card (Hologram)
Black C05-017 Z/X C Wandering Head Crusher 2
Black C05-018 Z/X PR Bone Snake, Skeletal Viper 2
Black C05-019 Z/X R Devil of Solitude, Solitus 2
Black C05-020 Z/X C Three-Headed Mercenary, Drei Soldner 2
Black C05-021 Z/X C Enthusiastic Electric Chair 2
Black C05-022 Z/X R Rampaging Berserk Bike 2 New Card
Black C05-023 Z/X R Cavalry Assault, Kavallerist 2
Black C05-024 Z/X PR Twenty Pairs of Swords, Schwert 2
Black C05-025 Z/X UC Business Skeleton, Skeletal Sales 2
Black C05-026 Z/X C Skeleton Captain, Hook 2
Black C05-027 Z/X UC Non-Stopping Jet Coaster 2
Black C05-028 Event C Black Union 2

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