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Starter Deck Vol.2 is the second Starter Deck set for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.

It is comprised of two different decks, Azumi Kagamihara - Sword Princess of the Blue Star (各務原あづみ 蒼星(そうせい)剣姫(けんき) Kagamihara Azumi Sōsei no Kenki) and Chitose Aoba - Dual Blade of the Green Dragon (青葉千歳 翠龍(すいりゅう)双刃(そうじん) Aoba Chitose Suiryū no Sōjin).


  • The deck's tagline is "To protect the girls and their oath, the two warriors now takes up their sword!" (少女との誓いを守るため、二人の戦士は今、剣を取る!)
  • "Sword Princess of the Blue Star" features Azumi Kagamihara and the new version of her Partner Z/X, "Sword Liberator, Rigel".
  • "Dual Blade of the Green Dragon" features Chitose Aoba and the new version of her Partner Z/X, "Will of Dual Sword, Rindo".


Each boxes contains four decks, each sealed decks contains the following items.

  • 21 different cards, 51 cards in total.
  • Paper deck case (able to hold up to 51 cards with both sleeve & sleeve protector).
  • Playmat (with Rule References on the other side).

Special Privileges

Card List

Sword Princess of the Blue Star

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Blue C03-001 Player SR Azumi Kagamihara 1 New Illustration
Blue C03-002 Z/X SR Sword Liberator, Rigel 1 New Card
1 New Card (Hologram)
Blue C03-003 Z/X C Steel Castle, Astatine 2
Blue C03-004 Z/X UC City Guard, Phecda 1
Blue C03-005 Z/X R Laser Scythe, Avior 4
Blue C03-006 Z/X C Laser Blade, Benetnasch 2
Blue C03-007 Z/X UC Erasure Machine, Delete 4
Blue C03-008 Z/X UC Light Whip, Atria 2
Blue C03-009 Z/X UC Electronic Appliance Union, Tantalum 2
Blue C03-010 Z/X UC Performer Voice, Vival 4
Blue C03-011 Event UC Wait, I'm Going Now! 2 New Illustration
White C03-012 Z/X C Ceramic-Making Singapura 2
White C03-013 Z/X C Holy Beast, Aura Pegasus 2
White C03-014 Z/X R Etoile the Star 2 New Illustration
2 Original Illustration
White C03-015 Z/X C Inept Detective, Russian Blue 2
White C03-016 Z/X UC Sagesse the Wisdom 2
White C03-017 Z/X C Lawbringer, Fitz Roy 2
White C03-018 Z/X PR Neige the Snow 4
White C03-019 Z/X UC Coucher the Sunset 2
White C03-020 Event C Revenge Force 3
White C03-021 Event UC Chain Bind 2

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