Starter Deck Vol.1 is the first Starter Deck set for Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.

It is comprised of two different decks, Asuka Tennoji - Angel's Charity (天王寺飛鳥 天使(てんし)慈愛(じあい) Tennōji Asuka Tenshi no Jiai) and Ayase Kamiyugi - Gladius of the Black Beast (上柚木綾瀬 黒獣(こくじゅう)闘剣(とうけん) Kamiyugi Ayase Kokujū no Touken).



Each boxes contains four decks, each sealed decks contains the following items.

  • 17 different cards, 51 cards in total.
  • Paper deck case (able to hold up to 51 cards with sleeve).
  • Playmat (with Rule References on the other side).

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