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Start Resource (スタートリソース Sutāto Risōsu) is a keyword ability that allows a player to put the card with this ability face-up into Resource during the game preparation.

All cards with this ability are Cost 6 Z/X with Power 9000. All of them also possessed two additional startup ability, the first is to aid in using specific Player Extra, and the second is tied to said Player Extra and able to make another related Z/X appear on Square.

Using Start Resource does not modify the amount of Resource a player starts with during the game (only one additional cards are placed into Resource if the player choose to put a Start Resource, bringing the total starting Resource to 2). If a player have more than one card with Start Resource ability in their deck, they may only put one of them into Resource during the game preparation.

The current reminder text of Start Resource ability is shown below:

【常】 スタートリソース【有効】 すべて 【効果】 このカードをリソースに置いてゲームを開始できる。)

[Always] Start Resource ( <Valid> All <Effect> This card can be put into Resource at the start of the game.)

For the list of all cards with Start Resource ability, see Category:Start Resource.

Comprehensive Rules

1127 Start Resource

  • 1127.1 Start Resource ability is a continuous ability that referred to at the game preparation.
  • 1127.2 "Start Resource" means " <Valid> All <Effect> You can put this card into your own Resource at the start of the game."