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Premium! Yui (プレミアム!ユイ Puremiamu! Yui) is the fifth deck in the Start Dash Deck product series.



Each sealed decks contains the following items.

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Blue SD05-001 Player PR Blue Dragon Miko, Yui 1
Blue SD05-002 Z/X N Transformed Nations, Showa 3 4
Blue SD05-003 Z/X N Azure-Severing Cross, Helical Fort 4
Blue SD05-004 Z/X N Blue Dragonling, Helical Fort 4
Blue SD05-005 Z/X N Blue World Skydrive, Helical Fort 4
Blue SD05-006 Z/X N Declaration of the Helix, Helical Fort 1
Blue SD05-007 Z/X N Prayer of Spiral Gadget, Helical Fort 4
Blue SD05-008 Z/X R Spacerend Gyromech, Helical Fort 4 New Card
Blue SD05-009 Z/X N Helix Dragon, Helical Fort 4
Blue SD05-010 Z/X N Breath of the Azure Blessing, Helical Fort 2
Blue SD05-011 Z/X N Vaulting Box Support, Helical Fort 4
Blue SD05-012 Z/X R Everlasting Helix, Helical Fort 4 Rebuild
Blue SD05-013 Z/X N Helical Order Gyromech, Helical Fort 4
Blue SD05-014 Event N Advance, World of Mobility 1
Blue SD05-015 Event R World Innovation 2 New Card
Colorless SD05-016 Z/X R Cherry Blossom Wild Dance, Theogonius 4 New Card
Blue SD05-017 Z/X EX N Azure-Piercing Gyromech, Helical Fort 1
Blue SD05-018 Z/X EX N Idea of Mobility, Helical Fort 1
Colorless SD05-019 Shift N Shiny Freshman, Theogonius 1
SD05-020 Shift SFR Loveful "Daybreak", Enki 1
Blue SD05-021 Shift SFR "Origin Shift" Skypierce Maiden, Yui 1
SD05-022 Shift SFR Frowning "Terror", Enlil 1
Blue SD05-023 Z/X OB N Key of Spiral Gadget, Yui D-Maiden 2 Upper Part
Blue SD05-024 Z/X OB N Key of Spiral Gadget, Yui D-Maiden 1 Lower Part
Colorless SD05-025 Marker N Dream Key 5

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