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Premium! Cthulhu (プレミアム!ク・リト Puremiamu! Ku Rito) is the fourth deck in the Start Dash Deck product series.


  • Features the "Cthulhu" Tribe.
  • Introduces "Hastur", the Partner Z/X of "Urara Yato".
  • Includes reprints of various popular and sought-after cards for "Cthulhu" deck.


Each sealed decks contains the following items.

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Colorless SD04-001 Player PR Urara Yato 1
Colorless SD04-002 Z/X N Chaos Summer, Nyarlathotep 2
Colorless SD04-003 Z/X N Fluttering Uncertainty, Flying Polyp 4
Colorless SD04-004 Z/X N Ultimate@Niggu-tan Time 2
Colorless SD04-005 Z/X N Overflowing Honeymoon, Byakhee 4
Colorless SD04-006 Z/X N Abyss Bewilderment, Deep Ones 2
Colorless SD04-007 Z/X R Pitying the Appeal, Hastur 4 New Card
Colorless SD04-008 Z/X R Staining the Colors, Hastur 4 New Card
Colorless SD04-009 Z/X N Oblivion-Sneering Gravestone, Gol-goroth 1
Colorless SD04-010 Z/X N Burrowing Anguishment, Nyogtha 2
Colorless SD04-011 Z/X N The Seven Pacts, Atlach-Nacha 4
Colorless SD04-012 Z/X R Inviting Lovewind from Dream, Hastur 4 New Card
Colorless SD04-013 Z/X N Serving Calamity, Shoggoth 4
Colorless SD04-014 Z/X N Imitating Latency, Tcho-Tcho 4
Colorless SD04-015 Z/X R Stars-Fiddling Craftiness, Hastur 4 New Card
Colorless SD04-016 Event N Urara, Oath to the Unknown Future 4
Colorless SD04-017 Event N Universe Princess 1
Colorless SD04-018 Z/X EX N Glory-Invading Crown, Nodens 2
Colorless SD04-019 Shift N Otherside Part-Timer, Ithaqua 2
Colorless SD04-020 Shift N Restrained Courtship, Great Old One 1
Colorless SD04-021 Shift SFR "Faceless Shift" Thousand Forms, Nyarlathotep 1
Colorless SD04-022 Shift SFR "Perverse Shift" Purple Darkness, Shub-Niggurath 1
Colorless SD04-023 Shift SFR "Otherworld Shift" All-in-One, Yog-Sothoth 1
Colorless SD04-024 Z/X OB N Unknown Future Princess, Urara Yato 2 Upper Part
Colorless SD04-025 Z/X OB N Unknown Future Princess, Urara Yato 1 Lower Part
Colorless SD04-026 Token N Eldritch Spawn 3

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