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Enjoy! Rigel (エンジョイ!リゲル Enjoi! Rigeru) is the third deck in the Start Dash Deck product series. It was released at the same date with Extra Pack 18: Code reunion.


  • The set's tagline is "Let's start Z/X with Code reunion!" (Code(コード) Reunion(リユニオン)でゼクスを始めよう!)
  • Features the main protagonist of Z/X Code reunion manga and anime—"Azumi Kagamihara", and her Partner Z/X, "Rigel".
  • Includes a new Z/X Overboost for Azumi and Rigel, as well as several new cards centered around the "Reunion" (リユニオン Riyunion) Tribe.
  • Includes reprints of various Battle Dress and "Rigel" support cards.


Each sealed decks contains the following items.

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Blue SD03-001 Player PR Azumi Kagamihara 1
Blue SD03-002 Z/X N Finish Bullet, Rigel 4
Blue SD03-003 Z/X N Victory Call, Polaris 4
Blue SD03-004 Z/X N Ocean Dress, Rigel 4
Blue SD03-005 Z/X N Fraga Machina, Rigel 4
Blue SD03-006 Z/X N Branded Sword, Al Dhanab 4
Blue SD03-007 Z/X N Royal Guard, Rigel 1
Blue SD03-008 Z/X R Close Beside, Rigel 4 New Card
Blue SD03-009 Z/X R Fall into Crisis, Rigel 4 New Card
Blue SD03-010 Z/X N Sword Liberator, Rigel 2
Blue SD03-011 Z/X R My Partner, Rigel 4 New Card
Blue SD03-012 Z/X N Go, Fight, Win! Rigel 2
Blue SD03-013 Z/X N Quiet Azure Blaze, Vega 1
Blue SD03-014 Z/X N Undefeated Lady Knight, Rigel 4
Blue SD03-015 Event N Rigel★Christmas 4
Blue SD03-016 Event R Azumi and Rigel, Oath to the Blue Sky 4 New Illustration
Blue SD03-017 Z/X EX N Harmonize Sword, Al Dhanab 2
Blue SD03-018 Z/X EX N Electric Idol, Io 2
Blue SD03-019 Z/X EX N Troublesome "Silt", Lahamu 2
Blue SD03-020 Z/X EX N Awaken Blade, Rigel 1
Blue SD03-021 Shift N "Loving Blade Deity" Starry Sea, Ningal 1
Blue SD03-022 Z/X OB OBR Blue Sky Reunion, Azumi Kagamihara 2 New Card
Blue SD03-023 Z/X OB OBR Blue Sky Reunion, Azumi Kagamihara 1 New Card

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