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Enjoy! Nosferatu (エンジョイ!ノスフェラトゥ Enjoi! Nosuferatu) is the second deck in the Start Dash Deck product series.


  • Features the younger sister of "Mikado Kurosaki"—"Kasuga Kurosaki", and her Partner Z/X, "Nei".
  • The theme of this deck is "Tombcastle" (墓城 Bojō), with multitude of "Tombcastle" cards being reprinted in this deck.
  • In addition to the various Nosferatu and "Tombcastle" cards, this deck also includes reprints of popular Dingir and Waker as well.
    • Unlike previous constructed decks, all reprinted cards has their rarity changed to Normal instead of retaining their original rarity.


Each sealed decks contains the following items.

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Black SD02-001 Player PR Kasuga Kurosaki 1 New Card
Black SD02-002 Z/X N Rookie Nursing Assistant, Catherine 4
Black SD02-003 Z/X N Apparition of Nothingness, Wraith 4
Black SD02-004 Z/X N Iron-Blooded Director, Kuroprezle 4
Black SD02-005 Z/X R Lazy Princess of the Tombcastle, Nei 4 New Card
Black SD02-006 Z/X N Blood Princess of the Tombcastle, Brutia 4
Black SD02-007 Z/X N Skeleton That Melts in Darkness, Skeletal Ninja 1
Black SD02-008 Z/X N Librarian of the Tombcastle, Libra 4
Black SD02-009 Z/X N Chamberlain under the Blazing Sun, Stab of the Tombcastle 4
Black SD02-010 Z/X N Assassin of the Tombcastle, Stab 4
Black SD02-011 Z/X R Blissful Sabotage, Nei the Tombcastle Princess 4 New Card
Black SD02-012 Z/X N Seven Princesses of the Tombcastle - First Princess, Asia 4
Black SD02-013 Z/X R Seven Princesses of the Tombcastle - Sixth Princess, Nei 4 New Card
Colorless SD02-014 Event N Evolution Connect 1
Black SD02-015 Event R Kasuga and Nei, Oath to the Memento Road 4 New Card
Black SD02-016 Z/X EX N God-Envying Dragoncause, Invidia 1
Black SD02-017 Z/X EX N Three Stygian Maids - Burning Stake Doll, Stica 1
Black SD02-018 Z/X EX N Dragonrot Dance, Skeletal Dancer 2
Black SD02-019 Z/X EX N Spreading "Disease", Ahhazu 2
Black SD02-020 Z/X EX N "Flicker" Divine Gaol, Ereshkigal 1
Blue SD02-021 Shift N "Affectionate Blade Deity" Primal Ocean, Nammu 1
Black SD02-022 Z/X OB OBR Memento Road Engage, Kasuga Kurosaki 2 New Card
Black SD02-023 Z/X OB OBR Memento Road Engage, Kasuga Kurosaki 1 New Card

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