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Enjoy! Mermaid (エンジョイ!マーメイド Enjoi! Māmeido) is the first deck in the Start Dash Deck product series.



Each sealed decks contains the following items.

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Blue SD01-001 Player PR Yutaka Tenryu 1 New Card
Blue SD01-002 Z/X R Wind-Cutting Windsong, Mily 4
Blue SD01-003 Z/X R Dancer of Life, Henri 4
Blue SD01-004 Z/X R Soprano Song, Frederica 4 New Card
Blue SD01-005 Z/X N Reminiscent Instrumentalist, Dylan 1
Blue SD01-006 Z/X R Icedeep Elegy, Celine 4
Blue SD01-007 Z/X PR Dreaming Melody, Karen 4
Blue SD01-008 Z/X R Musical Instrument Seller, Stone Bridge 4
Blue SD01-009 Z/X R Dreamy Sweet Voice, Frederica 4 New Card
Blue SD01-010 Z/X R Love Song on the Courtyard, Frederica 4 New Card
Blue SD01-011 Z/X R Earnest Beat Performer, Leopold 2
Blue SD01-012 Z/X PR Lorelei Bunny, Frederica 4
Blue SD01-013 Z/X SR XI Flags, Tartini 3
Blue SD01-014 Z/X SR XI Flags, Frederica 4
Blue SD01-015 Event R Yutaka and Frederica, Oath to the Unknown Future 4 New Card
Blue SD01-016 Z/X EX R Blue Dragon Songstress, Melchior 2
Blue SD01-017 Z/X EX SR High-Tide Waver, Ludwig 2
Blue SD01-018 Z/X EX R Revered "Starsea", Ningal 1
Blue SD01-019 Z/X EX HR Instigating "Cadence", Tiamat 1
Blue SD01-020 Z/X EX R Sweet Voice of Everlasting Summer, Frederica 2
Blue SD01-021 Z/X OB OBR Unknown Future Engage, Yutaka Tenryu 2 New Card
Blue SD01-022 Z/X OB OBR Unknown Future Engage, Yutaka Tenryu 1 New Card

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