Devil of Profundity and Elegance (幽艶(ゆうえん)魔人(まじん) Yūen no Majin) is a special constructed deck first available in Z/X Stream in Ikebukuro 2016 Spring event.


  • The deck's tagline is "The confined devil smiles elegantly" (幽囚の魔人、艶やかに微笑む)
  • Similar to "Treasure of the Darkness Dragon", this deck comes with 3D hologram Player card and deck case.


  • 16 different cards, 51 cards in total.
  • 3D deck case (able to hold up to 51 cards with both sleeve & sleeve protector).

Card List

Color Number Type Rarity Card Name Quantity Notes
Black C15-001 Player SR Ayase Kamiyugi 1 3D Hologram
Black C15-002 Z/X SR Confined Loner, Solitus 4 New Illustration (Hologram)
Red C15-003 Z/X PR Crimson Fang, Ruby Howl 4
Red C15-004 Z/X PR Cross Spear Craftsman, Cross Spear 3
Red C15-005 Z/X R Stabbing Spinel, Spinel Penguin 4
Black C15-006 Z/X UC Devil of Abyss, Abysso 4
Black C15-007 Z/X UC Assassin Dagger of Abyss, Flame Corpse 3
Black C15-008 Z/X R Leaping Ace Attacker 4
Black C15-009 Z/X UC Flying Sawtooth, Zacke 4
Black C15-010 Z/X UC Strike from the Darkness, Spiess 1
Black C15-011 Z/X SR Ruler of Beach Hut, Gula 2
Black C15-012 Z/X UC Devilish Ghost, Leanan Sidhe 3
Black C15-013 Z/X R Fang Hunter, Jager 4
Black C15-014 Z/X SR Furious Black Thunder, Sieger 4
Black C15-015 Z/X SR Ruin-Hell Dragon, Destiny Bane 2 Illustration from C13
Black C15-016 Event C Moment of Execution 4

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