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Soma Vaccine (ソーマワクチン Sōma Wakuchin) is the vaccine used by humanity to stop their transformation into plants in the future of Green World.

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The seeds of the bio-plants tend to kill most of the parasitic humans, while the rare few who survive are called "Leafer", but such humans driven into this extreme state lose memories of their humanity, so ultimately, transplant experiments were performed on volunteer soldiers of the United Nations, betting everything on transplanting the insect DNA factors, who could survive the parasitic plants without dying.

The result was the "Soma Vaccine", which although it had the side effects of turning people into half plant and making them more emotional, it severely stunted the take over of the plants, allowing the human race to be protected from the thread of the bio-plants.

The Soma Vaccine was mostly cultivated and mass produced in advanced Asian nations, while in Europe and the United States, they took another approach by transplanting the animal DNA factors that showed general resistance of the bio-plants' effects into humans, inventing a different way to counter the effects of the bio-plants than how Asia went about it.

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