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Sol (ソル Soru) is the leader of Administrator.

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Leader of "Administrator", the managers of Blue World. He is Mikado Kurosaki who advanced into the Blue World.

He encouraged the development of technology, and tried to resurrect his sister who died in an accident. However, no matter how brilliant his mind was, and no matter how much the cloning technique has progressed, the resurrection of his sister is the only thing that was never realized for some reason. This is because there is a "rule" that contained the intention of Dingir in the foundation of Blue World that led it to its ruin.

Realized that the "rule" can never be resisted, Sol designed the supercomputer "Schuster" that able to keep updating itself indefinitely. He touted the prosperity of humanity through the development of technology and recruited various experts in their field before finally completed the supercomputer. Furthermore, it keeps collecting the data from humanity almost forcibly for years that he had to abandon his physical body.
All for a single reason.

Everything - All but Sister = Sister

He performed reverse operation through an enormous amount of data to create his late sister.... However, because of the resistance from Mermaid forces and various other factors, the "all but sister" part could not be realized, and the personality "Luna" that was created for trial is a failure that is still far from his true sister.

Abandoned the Creation Sister through the development of technology, Sol turned his back on Blue World and left to a new world. He declared himself as "Wisdom Zenith" and begin the invasion to Dreamworld where "strong thoughts become reality" in order to create his own "rule".

"03 June 2022" addition

Using the Dreamworld where dreams become reality as the basis to create a new world where his sister "does not die and lives", he began his operation with "Curator"—the collaborators that he gathered from the five worlds—in order to destroy the Dreamworld. This started the "Wisdom Zenith War", a full-scale war between him against the allied forces of Cthulhu royal family and Z/X users that arrived from the present world (Energeia).

After losing his duel with Mikado in the final stage of the war, Sol ended his long life. Just before he vanished into electrons, his servant—Yith—arrived with wounds all over her body, and tended to his final moments with gentle smile.

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