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Skybreak Advent (破天降臨 Haten Kōrin) is a keyword ability that that can only played once per turn by each player.

Skybreak Advent is currently only used on Z/X Extra cards with the "Avatar" Tribe, and contains another ability that able make that Z/X Extra appear on Square from Dynamis to circumvent the once per turn restriction for playing Z/X Extra or Event Extra.

The current reminder text of Skybreak Advent ability is shown below:

【起】 破天降臨(あなたは“ 【起】 破天降臨”を1ターンに1回しかプレイできない。)

[Boot] Skybreak Advent (You can only play " [Boot] Skybreak Advent" once per turn.)

For the list of all cards with Skybreak Advent ability, see Category:Skybreak Advent.

Comprehensive Rules

1128 Skybreak Advent

  • 1128.1 Skybreak Advent ability is a startup ability that can only be played once per turn.
  • 1128.2 Skybreak Advent ability is written in the form of "Skybreak Advent [Text] ". If you haven't played the Skybreak Advent ability of a card you control during that turn, you can play the ability shown in the [Text] of this ability.
  • 1128.3 Skybreak Advent ability is available (803) regardless of card type and which zone it's currently present. However, the [Text] of Skybreak Advent ability only becomes available (803.1) if it met the requirements specified in <Valid> .