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Six Brilliant Creators (創星六華閃 Sōsei Rokkasen, literally means "Star-Creating Six Blooming Flash") is a group of six Meister in the Red World.

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Red World is a world ruled by power. For a long time, the powerless Meister were forced to bear with the Braver rigorous demands and life under the fright of Gigantic's sudden rampage.

At a point, an outstanding Meister and six other Meister that follows her takes action to break the Meister current condition. Possessing the highest leveled weapon crafting technique within the Red World and martial arts that are by no means inferior to the Braver, the name of those people are "Weapon Master, Armed" and "Six Brilliant Creators".

"Weapon Master, Armed" and "Six Brilliant Creators" established a guild to protect the weak from the fight between the Braver, Gigantic, and Mythos, and to create legendary class weapons.

Among the Braver that was enchanted by those weapons, they only deal with ones that treat the Meister as an equal, and cooperate with them to oppose any person that try to steal those weapons by force.

Now that the Black Point has opened, "Weapon Master, Armed" and "Six Brilliant Creators" seems to ties a friendly relationship with Mikado Kurosaki's forces.


Name Cost Power Weapon Namesake
Six Brilliant Creators, Laevateinn 7 8000 Lævateinn
Six Brilliant Creators, Trishula 8 11000 Trishula
Six Brilliant Creators, Gandiva 6 9000 Gandiva
Six Brilliant Creators, Ame-no-Murakumo 5 7500 Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi
Six Brilliant Creators, Sudarshana 4 6000 Sudarshana Chakra
Six Brilliant Creators, Galdrabok 7 10500 Galdrabók

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