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The Singularity Point (特異点 Tokuiten), as according to the point-of-view of the Dragon Miko, is the term given to those who are capable of changing the fate of world. This term specifically refer to the 10 main protagonists of Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG.

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Those who possessed extraordinary fate power. It refer to Mikado Kurosaki, Sera Kurashiki, Azumi Kagamihara, Reia Sento, Asuka Tennoji, Misaki Yuzuriha, Ayase Kamiyugi, Yamato Tennoji, Chitose Aoba, and Soma Kembuchi.

According to the parallel world interpretation, it is said that because a powerful correcting force works in the flow of time, one's individual actions "does not alter the approaching future". Nevertheless, the choices of those Singularity Points occasionally surpassed the fate and changes the future. The Dragon Miko watches over them and also those who acts around them, as those people can also become a Singularity Point at the end of the intersection.

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