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Shikigami (式神 Shikigami) is a group of beings similar to the Braver.

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Spirits employed by the famous onmyoji, Abe no Seimei. They have various abilities depending on the individual.

They appears from a number of shikifuda that swirls like petals. The sight itself was extremely beautiful and magical, enough to make anyone fascinated by it. However, the shikifuda are created as the result of a cursed ritual, which make use of the flesh and blood of various living beings as its medium. Things that are seen only are not the truth.

Although the principle completely differs, it is said that the technique for conjuring creatures by using a tag as its medium became the hint for Card Device used by the Z/X users. Furthermore, it also became the cornerstone for NOAH Project and Braver manufacturing technology.

The identity of those spirits are nameless souls of the departed. While the intensity of their souls are lower than the renowned souls that dwells within the Braver and easier to handle, their self has been lost. The personality and nature of a Shikigami is an added characteristic bestowed by their user, Abe no Seimei.


Shikigami is a term in Japanese folklore that refer to beings conjured by onmyoji through a complex ritual using magical or spiritual power for their own use, not unlike familiar spirits.


There are two different kind of "Shikigami" cards. The first is comprised of their master "Abe no Seimei", which is also a supported group on its own.

Name Cost Power
Shikigami Manipulator, Abe no Seimei 2 3000
Shikigami Onmyodo, Abe no Seimei 5 7500

The second is comprised of the employed Shikigami, all of which follows a similar naming pattern and were named after flowering plants not unlike the Hourai.

Name Cost Power Namesake
Shikigami of Flower Storm, Fuji 3 4500 Japanese wisteria
Shikigami of Honorable Flame, Kiri 4 6000 Paulownia
Shikigami of Binding Fetters, Momo 4 6000 Peach
Shikigami of Heavenly Thunder, Aoi 5 7500 Hollyhock
Shikigami of Frozen Wall, Azami 6 11000 Thistle
Shikigami of Sword Dance, Sakura 3 4500 Cherry blossom
Shikigami of Fascination, Akane 4 6000 Madder
Shikigami of Healing, Daidai 6 8000 Bitter orange
Shikigami of Surging Water, Azusa 5 7500 Catalpa
Shikigami of Happiness, Ichigo 7 10500 Strawberry
Shikigami of Rainbow Bridge, Sumire 3 4500 Violet
Shikigami of Dragon Fan, Kiku 4 6000 Chrysanthemum
Shikigami of Dragon Folding, Ran 5 9000 Orchid
Shikigami of Recollection, Tachibana 3 4500 Tachibana orange
Shikigami of Vital Force, Hiiragi 4 6000 Holly osmanthus

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