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Shaddow (シャドウ Shadō, "Shadow") is a group of Battle Dress in the Blue World.

In the Z/X -Zillions of enemy X- TCG, the majority of member of this group also has Killer Machine as their secondary Tribe.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The name given to the member of Battle Dress secret ops unit "Kerberos", specifically established to counter the repeated enemies' infiltration and sabotage. Although it's structurally belongs to the security forces, only a handful of person know of its existence.

As implied by their name, they are specialized in stealth combat.

Each one of them possessed an "Artefact (Mechanical Weapon With a Will)" filled with the essence of Killer Machine technology to eliminate their target without being known by anyone. Furthermore, by using the "Photon Device" equipped, they can utilize "Lightning Shadow" to digitize their bodies and travel incognito inside the cyberspace just like the Blue World's system managers—Administrator.

Polaris, who became the head of Security Force on behalf of Vega, also handles several other secret organizations.


Name Cost Power
Mirage Shaddow, Bellatrix 4 6000
Fast Shaddow, Azur 5 7500
Kylie Shaddow, Thyone 6 9000
School Shaddow, Hati 7 10500
Slash Shaddow, Seginus 4 6000
Ripper Shaddow, Aquila 3 4500
Moment Shaddow, Tsih 5 7500
Rising Shaddow, Sadira 8 11000
Aleste Shaddow, Leonis 2 3000
Shoot Shaddow, Virgis 2 3000
Hatchet Shaddow, Bootes 3 4500
Pledge of the Cyber Shadow, Shaddow Denebola 4 6000
Multiple Shaddow, Tau 5 7500
Blast Shaddow, Kuni 4 6000
Denebola × Shaddow Azur 6 9000
Shinobi Shaddow, Herlis 3 4500
Sniping Shaddow, Lupi 3 4500
Sneak Shaddow, Raffias 5 7500
Dies Shaddow, Type.X 3 4500
Schwarz Shaddow, Ciel 9 11000
Familiar Shaddow, Etasich 6 9000
Dragon Shaddow, Alfir 8 10500
Crush Shaddow, Matar 4 6000

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