Seven-Branched Sword (七枝刀 Nanasaya no Tachi) is an artifact possessed by Eight Great Dragon Kings, Sagara.

Z/X Encyclopedia Entry

The prized possession handed down through the Eight Great Dragon Kings Sagara family. Among the artifact forged from Mougi, it is considered as the strongest and the most important. Its shape seems to grows in conjunction with the age of its owner, since the current Sagara is still a girl, it looks like a short sword.

The Seven-Branched Sword owned by Gekkakou is a replica of the artifact owned by the previous generation Sagara. Only high-ranking members of the Sagara family can possess the artifact's replica.

After her father mysterious death, the girl who inherits her father's name as the youngest Eight Great Dragon Kings, Sagara now searches for the truth behind her father's death.


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