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Session (セッション Sesshon) is a keyword ability that was introduced in Booster 34: Code:Dreamworld - Fantasy "Idea Drive". It is associated with the "Flags".

Session is written as "Session [Text]" in the card text, and if the Z/X is currently adjacent with another Z/X controlled by its player, the ability written on the [Text] portion will become available.

The current reminder text of Session ability is shown below:


Session (Available if this card is adjacent with your Z/X.)

For the list of all cards with Session ability, see Category:Session.

Comprehensive Rules

1118 Session

  • 1118.1 Session ability is an ability with continuing effect that becomes available if the card with the ability meet a specific requirement.
  • 1118.2 Session ability is written in the form of "Session [Text] ". This ability becomes available if there is your Z/X on Square next to this card.
  • 1118.3 The ability that was made available by Session ability only becomes available (803.1) if it met its specific requirements as shown in the [Text].