For the Player Card, see Sera Kurashiki (card).

Sera Kurashiki (倉敷世羅 Kurashiki Sera) is one of the main protagonists in Z/X -Zillions of enemy X-.


Sera's mother, a reporter, went missing when Darmstadtium suddenly attacked Nagoya. Days later, Seta decided to go to Nagoya on her own to find her. As she was walking, she passed a giant egg, that suddenly hatched Orichalcum Tyranno. Suddenly realizing how dangerous her journey really was, Sera ran from the then-cat-sized metal Dinosaur, which followed due to having imprinted on her. After a miles-long chase, she tripped and fell long enough for Tyranno to catch up. Seeing as the baby Z/X didn't want to eat her, she adopted it and took it with her as it grew rapidly. They attempted to travel through Fukuoka, but they were promptly attacked by local Defense forces, determined to keep the Gigantic out of their city. When Alexander stepped in to battle it, Sera leapt in between them to protect the injured Tyranno. This caught the attention of Mikado Kurosaki, who ended the fight and recruited Sera to his cause.


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