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The Security Force (治安維持部隊 Chian'iji Butai) is the main security organization in the Blue World.

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"05 November 2021" - Renamed and reorganized from "Leviathan"

The security organization led by Administrator Vega in the Blue World, comprising of a mixture of Battle Dress and Killer Machines. The even-numbered Original XIII serves as the leader of its chain of commands, with most of its forces are committed to "Ziz" in charge of the sky (Type.II and IV), "Bahamut" in charge of the land (Type.VI and VIII), and "Leviathan" in charge of the sea and coast (Type.X and XII).

In the Blue World, the supercomputer "Schuster" created a new world-wide computer network system to replace the internet, that was connected to surveillance cameras all across the planet, when accidents or trouble occurs, Schuster is able to dispatch orders immediately to the Security Force to arrive on the scene almost instantaneously. However, Schuster is destroyed at the end of the revolutionary war, and Administrator Sol, the Administrator with the highest authority, also disappeared. The network system collapsed as the result. At the same time, the public was also released from their brainwashing by Schuster, and various parts of the Blue World was thrown into turmoil.

After that, Administrator Polaris took the position as the supreme commander of the Security Force from Vega, who sided with Schuster as its mastermind. She rebuild the "human-powered" system with the 7 Asterism under her command as its supervisor, and restored the security system. She encouraged Administrator Denebola to develop and introduce "Fam.", the latest generation model of Killer Machine. Moreover, she also ask her to train the "Shaddow", Battle Dress that employs special equipment and ninja skills. The secret ops unit "Kerberos" was formed from a select few of them. On the other hand, while formally requesting Administrator Canopus to assign the security force of Metal Fortress, he proposed the development and introduction of "Satellite" to prepare for invaders from the outer space. They later decided to establish "Ouroboros", the unit in charge of the outer space. Because of this, it was announced that Type.IV is transferred to Ouroboros, Type.X is transferred to Kerberos, and Type.VI is transferred to the leaderless Leviathan.

After repelling the Black Sword that invaded from the Black World with a suddenly thickened security web, Polaris returned the position of supreme commander to the reformed Vega. She left the Blue World, entrusting everything to her friends. In addition, Type.XII, who disappeared at the same time with Sol, was expelled from both Leviathan and the Security Force.


The previous iteration of Security Force is comprised of three different unit (Leviathan, Bahamut, Ziz) before being changed into its current structure after the revolutionary war. Asterism is also part of the Security Force, with its member attached to various units within the organization and also acting as a kind of secret service.


Leviathan (リヴァイアサン Rivaiasan) is the unit in charge of the sea and coast. Prior to the conclusion of revolutionary war, they used to focus on Mermaid extermination and doubles as Schuster's Rebel Suppression Force.

Type.VI is the current leader of this unit, have been transferred from Bahamut. Type.XII previously serves as one of its leader before being expelled following her disappearance.


Bahamut (バハムート Bahamūto) is the unit in charge of the land. Prior to the conclusion of revolutionary war, they used to deal with various tasks such as guarding the streets and handling the rampaging Killer Machines.

Type.VIII is the current leader of this unit. Phecda is a known member of this unit.


Ziz (ジズ Jizu) is the unit in charge of the sky. They used to be under the direct supervision of Vega.

Type.II is the current leader of this unit. Mizar is a known member of this unit, while Rigel is mentioned as a former member.


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Kerberos (ケルベロス Keruberosu) is the secret ops unit of the Security Force.

Type.X is the current leader of this unit, have been transferred from Leviathan.


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Ouroboros (ウロボロス Uroborosu) is the unit in charge of the outer space.

Type.IV is the current leader of this unit, have been transferred from Ziz.


Each of the Security Force units are named after various mythical creatures.

  • Leviathan is a demonic sea serpent mentioned in several books of Hebrew Bible. The name was later used as the word for giant whale and sea monsters in general.
  • Bahamut is a gigantic fish that support the earth Arabian mythology. It might also be based on Behemoth, a Biblical land monster with similar name.
  • Ziz is a gigantic griffin-like bird in Jewish mythology with wingspan large enough to block the sun.
  • Kerberos or Cerberus is a multi-headed dog in Greek mythology. It might also be a reference to the network authentication protocol of the same name.
  • Ouroboros is a serpent or dragon that depicted as eating its own tail, representing eternity or the circle of life.

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